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  1. even tho Ice T did the MATURE thing and apologized by the way he came down on the dude.. he has feelings just like the next rapper.... and im sure Soulja Boii may realize that he's not the most popular, and many ppl dont like what you are clearly calling 'trash'... then just dont listen to it. simple as that. I dont care what nobody says, but Ice T does NOT retain the right with his old az to bash that kid like that.. especially in his opinion.. thats like adding fuel to a spark, not even a fire... Its those sort of statements that starts unnecessary feuds and get ppl shot and killed.... and I would expect more of you in being positive too AJ, with your growth as a christian. Sure , nobody is perfect, but there is a time and place to draw a line when we see unnecessary banging down on a person whose talents clearly may not be evident or meet your standard.

    Ice T need to just understand, that his 'low blow' statement won't change the boy's style of rap, his lack of 'responsibility' in his lyrical message.. but if anything.. thank himself if Soulja boii, with a young mentality... (and yes, that does come into play 4 those who believe differently) ... gets a wild hair up his @rZ and come out with even more wack muzik all because of his statement. we dont know how people's minds click... so why get bent out of shape when u waste ur OWN time listening 2 sumone u done even like?



  2. Shaq is cool... I love him.. but AJ is gonna say that Soulja Boii is wack, which he probably is, because I dont listen to his joints at ALL except 'Get Silly' that fits him.... then see that Shaq clearly has absolutely NO "rhyme or reason" on th mic... sounding like a drunk whose freestylin.. way offbeat.. funny tho because of his 'message' to Kobe ~ "Kobe, How my ass taste" ...and want another album? .. yea.. embrace urself..



  3. unless Will is ordering dag on million dollar burgers when they go out to eat dinner... i dont see it happening... him going broke...

    Ever heard of "a budget" Will ? LOL... i can teach him that REAL gud.. hahah :thumbsup:

    besides... Willow and Jaden can practically support themselves.. LOL



  4. my daughter did a video with Soulja Boii.. He's young and exploring his 'newness' in muzik... same thing with KYLE Smith... She's cool with him too... that doesnt mean that I have 2 digg their muzik.... or even label them as 'bad' rappers since I don't ... They're young... and on the other hand....

    being a supposedly 'pioneer' in the game and a rapper thats sooo much 'older' and (wiser? possibly? )... I would think that Ice T would have more dam common sense than to make public statements like that against a much younger, and inexperienced rapper..(who may or may not be wack. who cares) when he could have kept it positive and said something to help the kid realize how he could play a very important role in impacting positively on his listeners.. Thats like pointing out someone's flaws and publicizing how ignorant u are to your own. Does Ice T have an album coming out or something? thats really NOt the way to get street cred.. old az rapper bashing on someone like that. regardless of weather or not he think Soulja Boii is wack... come on. His tail can act more civilized than that man... got dawg!

    im sorry if that offended any of you guys who dont like soulja boii.. and look up to Ice T.. but theres a better way to get his point across publically.



  5. That's what I like about Will so much and it is the same with his music! ;)

    U can listen to it with ur sons, too! :)

    you're absolutely right.. good example. "Here He Comes'... imagine a (then) 7 year old sneaking round the house singing with an active imagination talkin bout

    "Here He Comes" ... with a cape on... LOL... yea. its real fun.



  6. now that ive watched it...

    Will really speaks very intelligently and articulate,.. and I like the way he answered those political questions...

    very good.. thx again.. but on another note... where did Will get that dam tie from? Did Jada stop laying out his clothes or what? . LOL...



  7. [

    I felt like I had a great voice so I was curious how it would sound without Wills sexy voice backing me up...let me just put it this way, a visit at midnight from Freddy Kruger would scare you less then it would listening to me sing a song. It was that bad.

    Look at Will, even he can't remember them by heart and he wrote them :lolsign:

    LMAO at Freddy Kruger!! Thats hilarious!! now.. i know it wasnt all THAT bad... :thumbsup: @ Will not remembering all his lyrics ... it would be funny as heck 2 have him in the JJFP Song Challenge that Brakes talkin bout assembling. lol He prolly "dumb dance" his way thru the lyrics he dont know. LMAO...



  8. hey tim. that was a really good review.... i still havent given it a listen... dont know what im waitin on.. but from the sounds of it.. and knowing that u and I go back many years of digging alot of similar muzik... i know imma like it..

    congrats Brakes...on your continued UPWARD progress bruh!!! ... :thumbsup:



  9. i'm definitely gonna be there with my sons. They're already talking about going to see it. Thats one thing that I have to give Will credit for, is making movies that I can watch with my sons.. because for the most part... we don't like the same movies. LOL... so anytime they suggest seeing one of Will's movies, I automatically get hyped.




  10. oh man...


    definitely Chasing Forever... maybe Party Starter... and 1,000 kisses... about 90% of the songs... lol...

    and I may know a few words here or there in other songs:

    Just Cruisin


    Afro Angel

    Nothin On My Mind

    Gettin Jiggy Wit It


    Big Willie Style


    Yall Know

    Gotta go Home

    Could You Love Me

    Can't WAit To Be With You

    I'm Looking For The One (To Be With Me)

    ... dang. thats a pretty good tracklisting 4 my car too ... lol



  11. see u guys are just waaay too shy... let me have been there. I would have gotten his attention and made sure he remembered the JJFP FANS from London on this board. LOL ... so who all else went (from the board) and was not in the pics that Fresh Princess took? btw.. great pics... thx 4sharing..

    I know u guys may be disappointed, but don't be. It really was a worthy trip,... because it was a well planned meeting with our family on the board. and I'm soooooo happy u all finally met up, and actually had fun,.... got to see Will, and some of you even had a few words with him... I've met no one from the board, which sux.... so but now u guys can at least put a face with the names and posts...

    julie.. about ur height.... next tyme u need to remember the secret of either a step stool or just hop on one of the guys shoulders. LOL . u dont look that heavy. :thumbsup: um ... at least as heavy as me. lol :paperbag:



  12. awww mann,, thats so sad. Im sorry you guys had such high hopes built up just to be let down like that... This sort of thing really gets me upset. Someone should have asked Will whats up with all of that. ..and let him know u guys are his biggest supporters online and that some of u travelled a long @$$ way to see him and Jeff...

    and does he care enough to share with his fans.. what happened ?

    dam.. so that means... I will be staying nice n comfy at my crib when they are in Los Angeles... dont waste my money tryna go see them..



  13. awwwww... how sweeet!!!!!!! :signthankspin: :paperbag: thank you guys soo much!!!! i 4got i had a birthday. lol.

    oh man.. im just getting to read this about a month later.. its so nice to read... even now... thank all of you for the great birthday wishes and love as always.. and i did see afew ages there.. but imma be 19 for the last tyme this year... LOL promise... LOL. I dont know what age imma be nextyear. but i think 21 sounds good. LOL

    "La Galleta"... ??? .... Haven't heard that in ages. LOL. (its my nickname in spanish. ) Dont know what u tagged me with there Kevtastic.. but it sounds fun. lol. I was in Florida, relaxing "away" from my kids ... phone turned off most of the tyme...and sleeping alot .. still haven't met that handsome man i was hoping to see near the Florida beaches.. so oh well.... lol

    thanks again fam.. i love u all.. what would my life be without all of you to make me smile????