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  1. Will's trending on twitter for his and the kids' reaction to Miley Cyrus "performance" at the VMAs; it's priceless...


    Looks like the Smith family wasn't reacting to Miley Cyrus' performance. It was a fake.
    The image was picked up and shared by outlets like Buzzfeed, Us Weekly, Business Insider and Yahoo! News. However, it turns out the Smiths weren't reacting to Cyrus at all.

    The MTV audience cam, which was focused on the crowd all night, shows the Smiths were actually reacting to Lady Gaga's opening performance of "Applause." A look back at the feed also shows they weren't even too shocked by the 27-year-old pop star's scantily glad dance. Jaden's confused look was just some intense concentration. Willow's open mouth was caused by her gum chewing. What looked like a gasp was actually just a nose scratch.


    well damn that ruins a cool story

  2. Songs of Summer: DJ Jazzy Jeff On ‘Summertime’ & Why Will Smith Misses Rapping


    Do you think Will misses those moments of being a rapper and touring?

    I’m sure he does. That’s why every chance he gets, and we have an opportunity to get together, we do it. I’m in the process of twisting his arm and doing one more tour.


  3. Will Smith in Wynwood to support DJ son
    Fashion types almost didn’t notice the guy in the jeans, baseball cap and T-shirt Monday night Soho Studios Pavilion at Gilt City Miami’s party for Jaguar. It was mega-actor Will Smith, there to support his 20-year-old son Trey “ACE” Smith (on DJ duty) and to help launch the new F-Type car. Smith was seen chatting with special guest Kelly Rowland.

    Will Smith's son Trey hops onstage at Barezzito


  4. nearly 100 mil in a week? nice "flop" I say

    The Will Smith-Jaden Smith sci-fi After Earth delivered a decent if not spectacular result, given that it was active in more than 60 markets. The early running total climbed to $48.6m including last weekend’s launch in South Korea.

    Sony Pictures International Releasing sources said the overall launch was bigger than debuts in the same territories of Oblivion ($45.1m), The Last Airbender($42.7m) and Jaden Smith vehicle The Karate Kid($32.3m).

    A ribbon of number one releases was led by Russia on $8.5m, Mexico on $5.3m, France on $4m and the UK on $3.5m. Italy generated $2.2m, Brazil $2.1m, Malaysia a terrific $2m, Germany $1.9m, Indonesia $1.6m and Taiwan $1.3m.

    Tucked in behind After Earth by the most slender of margins was Universal Pictures International’s global smash Fast & Furious 6.

    Don't ever bet againts Will!

  5. I start to wonder if the reviewers have actually seen the same film... another great review below


    "Unfortunately, most folks won’t be fair to this film because of the other titles in Shyamalan’s lineage. A few of the reviews I’ve browsed over have made some baseless claims that don’t necessarily point out anything that’s wrong with the movie.

    Honestly, I bet that a few folks were a little disappointed they didn’t get to chow down on this movie like they expected to. Sure, I love penning the occasional bad review as much as the next guy, but when a film deserves credit, I give credit to where it’s due.

    In a perfect world, After Earth gets Shyamalan and J. Smith a few calls for upcoming projects. It’s an emotionally gripping tale of survival that should rise above whatever hollow cynicism already exists about the film’s existence.

    It’s the homerun that Shyamalan needed to get back in the good graces of this filmgoer."

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