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  1. don't ask Will to...

    l know its dumb but l have heard will talking about a certain girl who asked him to sign his breast at a hmv store.will smith will always remember that incedent and would be quoting me in l would have had my 5 minutes of fame.
  2. don't ask Will to...

    l wanted to remove my breasts for will to sign them at the hitch premiere in london but l was too scared because there were alot of police near where l was and l could have been arrested for indecent exposure.
  3. next sunday march the 6th on channel 4 will be will smith day on t4 which is on channel 4 uk.will smith will be in the studio the whole day and l just show an advert yesterday from will on the channel yesterday and today the presenter said that no one should miss the show its gonna be really nice.also on friday march 4th will also be a will smith special on gmtv on itv channel in uk.
  4. i need u'r help ASAP!

    will and jada were introduced by mutual friends duane martin and tisha campbell.
  5. Two Aunt Vivs!

    lts easy to notice because the first one was dark skinned and the second one was light skinned.when l saw the second one l was surprised because she could not act as well as the first one though the second one was more attractive than the first one.
  6. harry smith

    thanks for it named after will smiths son trey
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  8. click here for the first article
  9. this weeks national enquirer reports that michael jackson has invited jaden,trey and willow to go and visit him at his ranch and play with the rides ,swings and get to ride the train.the national enquirer reports that will smith wants nothing to do with michael jackson and he has said that there is no way his children can go to neverland because jackson is facing multiple counts of child molestation.
  10. 2002 spiderman premiere clip

    l like that interview when jaden repeats what will said that "l have been waiting for spiderman for a long time and trey says he saw a commercial of spiderman beating up like this six guys.will has really nice kids.
  11. will smith at golden globe awards

    thanx for the photos
  12. WHERE'S TREY? will and trey attended nba all star games in feb on this link to see the photos.