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  1. I like ur rims too... actually. I love 5 spoke rims of any sort,...

    so now all u need is a lil tint and subwoofers ull be str8T !... :2thumbs:



    haha no need for window tint when your rolling with a nice bright beige interior and as for the subs well my system is loud enuf though i rather the nice loud (115db) tone of my exhaust hehe

  2. the second piccie enjoy my lil experiment wit the camera effects :wiggle:


    cool :2thumbs:

    looks like sumbody hit u up with a dent or 2 on your rear passenger door man!



    :1-sigh: yeh thanx for reminding me was sum stupid road rage with a couple a hillbillies that caused a beer bottle to be projected at my ride 2 weeks prior to its car show debut (i.e Autosalon for all you down under) was very P***ed i assure yo


  3. haha it is a Very small world i was in cab yesterday to tell you the truth but im allways on the road in my ride on the weekends not so much since i bought a runaround ute. heres another 2 pics i took on my Samsung D500 yesterday just to show that the car is VERY worthy of the plates i ust say so myself :P


  4. i think i can settle for second best :(

    dude, do you happen to live around Sydney area??? the inner west to be more specific??? because i know ive seen those plates and admired it when i saw it...

    yeh dude i do in fairfield to be exact

    where you seen me?

  5. You cant even put them on you`r car over here. It`s not allowed...

    i originally had [2FRESH] and [FRE5H] but they were way more expensive than those on the car now. but it all comes down to how badly you really want them and i wanted em pretty badly

  6. Hey!!Y'all. Im From Australia, and im like the greatest Fan Will has down here. So mad i had to get me sum custom Licence Plates for my car. ive had em for a while but havnt had a chance to post em up here. so here you go.

    No dice on my mirrors though ;)


  7. theres a lot of reference to will and FPOBA in My wife and kids have u noticed i mean the one that stands out the most is when the daughter i forget her name mentions how shes saving herself for will i cant remember the episode it was one of the early ones hehe i kraked up.