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  1. Hey, does anyone here have this cd single? Just looking for tracks 2 and 3 https://www.discogs.com/Will-Smith-Just-The-Two-Of-Us/release/4749030
  2. Can someone re-up the Crusin acapella please? Lost in a drive crash. I have the 12" in my storage, but with COVID quarantine I'm not able to get out there. You can just use free wetransfer for the file. Very much appreciated. :)
  3. Just diy versions made from the various cd singles. I would assume JJ has the vocals, but I've never once heard him use it in a set blend/remix and he uses tons of rare pellas all the time. Jeff is one of the sources for those classic pellas that you won't find on the net in a Google search. I still have some of them from like 10 years ago that as far as I know still have not leaked out. Multitracks are the hot trend now though.
  4. You'll have to get it from the people that remixed it officially and un-officially ;)
  5. I'm looking for it too, Jason Nevins has it and a few other remix producers. Most recently used by Tropical House producer Matoma.
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