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  1. mMqrVO2.jpg

    It's that time again: It's time for for some k-os up in here. He released his latest album in January and I finally have it (I was holding out for a physical copy and my gf surprised me with an import from Canada- it's easiest to find on Amazon MP3's and iTunes).

    Let me sum this album up succinctly: DOPE.


    This is a double album. There's the Black album, which has a hip hop focus. And there's the Blonde album, which has more of a rock focus. Both are highly polished, well-crafted pieces of work. This album has been in production for years and the quality of the songs really shows this.

    Enough talk, let's hear some proof:





    The album has appearances from Black Thought, Corey Hart, Saukrates, Shad, and others.

    I really can't stress how much I love this album right now. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

  2. Looks pretty good from the trailer. I'm just hoping Will isn't dead 20 minutes into the film. The fact that Jaden's name is being billed first has me a bit worried.

    Apparently Will is only in the film for 5-10 minutes...

    Well damn...

    The poster is what really makes it obvious Will isn't the star here. He's one of the biggest actors in Hollywood and his son's name is first.

    That and the fact that the majority of trailer focuses on Jaden.