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  1. I have a feeling this one will start with TLJ's funeral or something. It'd be good if they at least got him for one scene (his death, pretty much).

    it sucks sony greenlights this but wont make bad boys 3

    Indeed. Everyone loves Bad Boys II. They should make it while the people involved in the franchise are still interested.

  2. ...in video form. Longtime JJFP members might remember the Chris to Chris podcasts I used to make. They were actually pretty popular on iTunes. Well, I thought bringing it back for youtube would be a cool idea.

    There's a few audio glitches here, but this was fun to make. I'll probably make more every now and then. I'd love to get some input!


  3. Well that was the other thing I was going to point out too. The album cover seems geared to attract females now too. It's LL smirking in a sweater jacket. Don't get me wrong, the original album cover needed some work too (the fonts were a bit too generic for my taste). It just seems like the focus of the album shifted during production so they dropped some songs, reworked the title, and changed the cover.

    I could be wrong but that tracklist just screams another female-focused LL album to me. That's great for the fans that like it, but it's not the sort of thing that I give heavy rotation.