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  1. Mr K added a post in a topic Collateral Beauty
    And just like that ... I hope they find someone good to replace him cuz the movie does sound interesting.
  2. Mr K added a topic in Will Smith Movies   

    Collateral Beauty
    Ale ... what did I say? :)
    Seems that Will really really wants that Oscar. If Concussion doesn't work out he'll have this one next year ;)
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  3. Mr K added a post in a topic Movement on Bad Boys III   

    Well ... this is interesting ...
  4. Mr K added a post in a topic Will Smith To Appear In ‘Just Mercy’?   

    Another one?? Oh ... f**k it ... I'm done. I'm genuinely considering leaving this forum and never caring about another project that Will is "interested in" or that he's "circling."
    I'm just gonna sit back, read the news the same way regular folks do it (I'm over 30, I'm a father of two, I have the right be perfectly "regular" ;) ) and get excited for a Will Smith movie once I learn that it actually started shooting :)
  5. Mr K added a post in a topic Suicide Squad   

    I read WB's statement and you can tell they're pissed as hell that they had to release the footage ... and you know what? I totally get it.
    Usually I'm insanely jelaous that all those guys at Comic Con get to see so much before the rest of us but the truth is that they earned it. They made the trip (which always involves a certain financial contribution) and then they wiated in lines for hours to get in. It's only fair that they get rewarded for their dedication with something special. Those bootlegs ruin that and I'm not surprised at all that the creative minds behind the movies get mad.
    The movie looks cool as s**t by the way :D Especially Margot who I think is about to steal yet another movie from under Will's nose :)
  6. Mr K added a post in a topic Suicide Squad   

    Looking good ... very good in fact :)
    Isn't it funny how we saw quite a bit of stuff from SUICIDE SQUAD (both official and set photos) as well as technically a first trailer but we still have yet to see a single thingm even a small one from CONCUSSION??
    Also, it seems that SUICIDE SQUAD is a Will's first movie in a while where he didnt have any "creative" input ... and it might just turn out ot be one of his best movies :)
    Just a thought.
  7. Mr K added a post in a topic ‘Triple Frontier’   

    "circling" "has his sights set on.." - I hate those ... usually they sound like good movies ... and 99% of the time nothing pans out. 
    I remember where I read an article about Will's upcoming projects and they mentioned some really good-sounding ones like "The American Can" or "The Accountant" and then nothing happened with these projects (with The Accountant officially off the table cuz Ben Affleck is doing that) and AFTER EARTH came out of nowhere. 
    TRIPLE FRONTIER sounds awesome and MARGIN CALL was an amazing piece of cinema ... sth that I also heard about ALL IS LOST and MOST VIOLENT YEAR. Will and Tom in that type of movie could be a game changer ... IF it happens.
  8. Mr K added a post in a topic Suicide Squad   

    Hmm .... guys?

    Definitely a better look at Will than the pimp above :) 
    Also, I'm digging the vibe coming from thath group photo ... very steampunk-y and very ... "street" for lack of a better word.
    I DIG IT :))))  This a very good step career-wise for Will :)
  9. Mr K added a post in a topic Suicide Squad   

    My one hope is that Will's Deadshot doesn't get killed off in this film but instead will appear in one of Affleck's solo Batman flicks as the main villain. I just think that would be a cool face off between Affleck and Smith as the villain ... what do you guys think?
  10. Mr K added a post in a topic Concussion - Will Smith's next Movie
    Sony was at Cinemacon and while they obviously focused on some of the more high profile releases (or those that will be released sooner than December) they did show a scene from Concussion ... supposedly it looks like a very "dramatic and emotional film" with Smith disappearing into the role due to his south african accent.
    Here's the excerpt:
    Concussion  (December 25)
    Directed by Peter Landesmann (Parkland), this drama starring Will Smith involves the very dangerous reality of concussion injuries and deaths in the NFL, and they showed a scene of Smith addressing a meeting of players to talk to them about those they have lost due to concussions. Smith plays Dr. Bennet Omalu from the Brain Injury Research Institute and Smith’s South African accent really made him disappear into the role as he addressed the doctors in attendance (including one played by Alec Baldwin). There wasn’t much more to this than that extended scene, which made it seem like this is going to be a very dramatic and emotional film.
  11. Mr K added a post in a topic Focus: released March 2015   

    Am I the only one who's a bit worried by the review embargo?? They don't do that when they have confidence in a movie cuz if the movie's good they want the word out as soon as possible ...
  12. Mr K added a post in a topic Focus: released March 2015   

    Dude ... say sth more ... was it funny? Was it smart? Were there any plot twists? Give us sth :)
    How much on a scale from 1 to 10?
  13. Mr K added a post in a topic Will Smith to Star in ‘Bounty’ for Paramount   

    A big, huge, massive resounding MEH from me on this project. After Concussion and Suicide Squad this just seems like a bit of a step down. 
    I can already see the pitch meeting ... "It's basically THE FUGITIVE ... but with a twist!!!" ;)
  14. Mr K added a post in a topic Suicide Squad

    And look who apparently entered the race :)
    Bernthal was the guy I first thought about when Gyllenhall passed simply because a) he worked with Ayer on Fury and b) he's a terrific actor with that type of personality and charm.
    Having said that, ever since I saw WARRIOR I instantly became a massive fan of Edgerton so it would be cool to see him in it as well. Anyway, whichever one they choose. They can't go wrong with either of them.
  15. Mr K added a post in a topic Suicide Squad

    Well that sucks ... and doesn't. I mean I'm actually not that bothered that he's out. Hardy is a great actor on a great streak so I'm sure there are plenty of goog ideas out there for him ... but if Will dopeed out I'd be upset cus it's one of the few promising things his career is looking at right now :)

    Plus Jake Gyllenhall is awesome...