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  1. I was right, he is a biter lol

    Not the first time either bro trust.....

    I've battled this guy about 4 times, and three of which he cheated. Twice using lines for Chamillionaire and once creating multiple accounts so he could vote for himself. We may have made the peace buts its still rolling. To any one else on the board who he may challenge, I wouldnt bother, its a waste of time. He's got as much talent as a dead fish.

    And you should hear his audios :lolsign: I'll try and find some links.......

    EDIT: It seems he has deleted the audios, sorry about that. Lets just say I had trouble controlling me bladder motions :lolsign: But this should get locked so no more replies, I just dropped this because Tim had bumped it.