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  1. Again its just a matter of wait to see.. I dont know, he lost soo many time in China when he should have been doing something more productive..

    Whats more productive than witnessing your son film a movie? We have to remember he's a family man before any career aspirations. I'm confident of more music, but only when he's ready, because that's when he'll be at his best. Theres been more positives towards new music than negatives against it, recently anyway. Time will tell.

  2. An experienced contender should really take a risk on him, like the Celtics. A team that wont be affected by his possible disruptions. If AI manages to reign his ego in and accepts he may have to come off the bench more often than not, he could really spearhead a title contender like Boston, into untouchable status. I dont think his career is over personally, and anyone who does sign him, if they reign his ego in, will have a real bargain in their possession. His ability is still there, he just needs to stop his ego controlling it.

  3. Everyone who wears #23 is gonna live their whole career in MJ shadow. LBJ is doing a very respectful thing, the comparisons must get boring when you're trying to create your own legacy, but fact is, if you wear #23, you will be compared to MJ, because he did BIG things in that number. It's really in peoples best interest to stay clear of that number.

  4. Yeah man, he's one of my favourites too, he delivers everytime, but even he gets overlooked. To my knowledge, he's never had a number one over here, which is a crime considering his talent. His albums have increased in quality every time, in my opinion, but his chart positions have declined. He has a Greatest Hits coming out next year I believe, March sometime, defnitiley one to pick up. 3 new track as well I think.

    Listening to; Alexandra Burke - Silence

  5. There is no way they are too old, Jeff's still dropping killer production, arguably in his prime, FP's last drop was probably his best lyrically. Age doesnt come into it when the talent is still there. Who cares if the teeny bopping ringtone generation dont understand it? Are we accepting that as what hip hop has become now? We need to stop complaining about the state of hip hop and start supporting and encouraging better music. We also need to stop looking for ways to convince ourselves that a JJFP reunion wont happen, and hold conservative hope that it might.

  6. I just started on expert now I've read the achievements says 5 stars of hard or higher on every mix. There was me thinking I had to do 5 stars on hard and expert. In a way Expert is easier, because as you said, you scratch to the beat, seems more natural. What console you playin on, Tim?