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  1. will and new pics

    ^^^ i wanna see it
  2. Will Smith actor & rapper

    ^^^i agree. Although I like his acting a lot better than his rapping. Sorry, but I gotta say i don't like Will as a rapper much, but i like his movies.
  3. Bad Girls

    i think Bad Girls is a BAD idea. It sounds corny.
  4. I, Robot and new album

    the director of I, Robot, Alex Proyas has said only the score will be released.
  5. will should host snl

    I think Will should host Saturday Night Live at least once. He hasn't done it before and he would make a good host. What do u guys think?
  6. ^^^Will is gonna do a movie with George Clooney and Leo?
  7. Shark Tale Trailer!!

    [quote=Jazzy Julie,May 15 2004, 06:06 AM]thanx that really was hilarious. it kinda looks like Will might be doin the song car wash coz the fish was dancing around and he was doing his usual woo haha. lol.[/quote] don't expect Will to be on the song. It's a remake by Floetry