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born to reign

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Props, to Will for being experimental on Born to reign.. very underratted ''Act like ya know'' ''Block party'' Nothin on my mind'' are some of my fav, tracks i wish Tra-Knox had a chance to get there album out i liked them but thought they were a little bit of an overkill on the album.

Yeah they had...

It was a lil' too much for my taste but all in all it's a great album, I can only say that again and again! :thumbsup:

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Yeah, I never understood why so many hate this album... I mean, i can't say it's Wills best album, but then, I can't say that about BWS, Willenium or L&F... I think all of Wills albums are great, and B2R is no exception.

Momma Knows, How Da Beat Goes, Maybe, I Gotta Go Home, Block Party, 1000 Kisses, I Can't Stop and Nothin' On My Mind... C'mon! These are great tracks! I can't understand how people can think that they are bad... I love all of Wills songs, but I feel that the songs from his other albums can get boring to listen to after a while, but B2R is a album that always stays fresh!

Yeah, me neither.

I listenned to the whole album again this week end, and... WOW !

I really love Nod Ya Head, 1000 Kisses, How Da Beat Goes On, I Gotta Go Home,...

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