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  1. twitter.com/JadieSOOkorean
    "Shooting music video today downtown for @officialjaden,@officialwillow,@treysmith0011!!letsgetit"
    What is this now,all three of them?!Jade is their cousin.Also Sheree put picture on his twotter and wrotte:"Loving this pic!@treysmith0011 the producer/hit maker on se instagr.am/p/PANQ4EooPX/"
    Well,have to admit that I'm really curiouse this time,mostly because of Trey LOL!

  2. I am not sure if your messing with me right now or not :pound:

    NO!Absolutely not!I rarely wrote anything here but I read this forum regularly for a long time and for every single post that you have ever wrote I thought"That's exactly what I was thinking!".As I said,even for comments like "Ugh" :pound: ,I know exactly what you saying.So,please keep posted more often,you have great comments and great sense for humor also:-).

    P.S.Sorry to everybody,I know that I'm off topic,but I really wanna to say this to @Turntable for a long time.

  3. @Turntable I just wanna say that I absolutely agree with every your comment you have ever post on this forum...even with comments like "ugh" (you know what I mean)LOL!
    About Will and all those scientology things,everything what @rawad_m wrote is true,and my sources aren't some gossip magazines.That of course doesn't mean that Will is scientologist,sane as Christian cross doesn't mean that he's dedicated Christian.I think that he just accepts with some things that both faiths declare.It's he's right,I don't care about that,but most things that they are doing with Willow and Jaden are very,very strange and unacceptable for me...but that's just my opinion...it's not like they care about what I thought LOL.
    P.S.You can say whatever you want,Tom is good actor,successful man,maybe a good man too...but he is very,very weird person who is blinded by scientology.It's hard for me to understand that Will is so close with somebody like him.

  4. Well damn... this may be funny but actually it's quite disturbing when you think about it :scared: And Lena you're a really talented twitter/facebook stalker that's all.

    Hide your kids. Lorettas everywhere! :lookaround:

    For the last time I'm not a stalker I just know somebody who worked for them that's all.I'm too old to be a stalker LOL.And once again I'm not so interesting in their family business even in Will's movie career all I ever want to find out is are we gonna to have some music(from Will not from the kids).Is this finally clear:-)?

  5. @gosia gay behind Willow and Sidney is bodyguard Michael.

    OMG.. she doesn't only know his name.. she also knows he's gay!

    Hahaha Ale you know that I wanna say guy not gay but I was in hurry so I type it wrong :biggrin: .I don't know why I even wrote that it's Harry's daughter it's so irrelevant .Ok,I get it from all your messages I will shut up from now on :goodidea: .

  6. LOL I have doubt should I wrote that,now I know that I shouldn't .Believe me or not I'm not a stalker (well at least not some kind of creepy one :pound: )but I told you that I know someone who worked for Will and Jada.All I ever wanna know is about Will and his music but in meanwhile I heard sooooo many things.
    @missashley yes he has a son with Ananda,his name is Langston

    @gosia gay behind Willow and Sidney is bodyguard Michael.
    Anything else :pound: ?

  7. Cute girl,but she really looks ridiculous.Don't know why but I had a feeling that Jaden and especially Willow are in the industry because Will is intent on making a dynasty and not because they really wanted it.Btw,Trey wouldn't be with them in NY (again),I was really looking forward to finally heard his music or something about him .

  8. Willow was criticized on Facebook because she said that she loves buying clothes that make her feel sexy like that.. People all over said that she is too young to be feeling that way.

    Well,she should be criticized,11 year old can feel cute not sexy!

    @Ale do you maybe know is this show going to air in Europe or just in USA?Because I have VH1 but there's never any reality and the haven't announced anything.

  9. "Willow Smith catches a flight with mom & dad"!!!I thought that the title should been "Will Smith catches a flight with his wife & daughter "LOL.
    Btw,they fly to Corea,probably again something about Willow career.Jada is terribly skinny at my opinion.She always been ,thought,but this is gross.
    Trey really had a surgery,he's still in the hospital for 10 days already ,poor kid.

  10. Well,this is really confusing!Jaden trying to make it trend on twitter,Willow,Sheree,Jada didn't say a word and his stepdad wrote how he had great time yesterday,had dinner with friends blah,blah,blah...My cousin had jaw surgery,it's not that simple and recovery process was very,very painful !Anyway,hope he's alright!

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