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  1. okay everyone tell me how good this track is... :poke: this song was almost ahead of its time... wills basically saying it doesnt matter how big a star he is..hes still just a regular guy.. i think this is probably the most relevant song 2day from wills back catalogue..add to that the unbelievable beat by jazzy..the chorus with jeff on the vocals..and we got a classic :rock: :rock: :peace:

    twinkle twinkle little star.......

    very underrated, a lot of good lines in this song

  2. Parent's Just Don't Understand

    "Mom, Dad... How was your trip !"

    Nightmare on my street

    "I said 'Yo Fred!'" (I love the way he say it :D)

    So Fresh

    "Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince back up in your face" :thumbsup:

    And lot of others !!

    1,000 kisses

    it's like piccasso painted you over, like beethoven composed

    you vocal tones

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