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  1. For all for Will Lovers and Movie Goers out there who haven't seen this drama/action thiller well get ready for a non-forgettable cinematic phenomena. Since I live in Miami, Florida when Hancock said he was from miami ( Flager ) everyone started cheering and screaming for like 5 whole seconds, I couldn't even hear what he was saying. For all those people who want to get home so quick as possible put your butt back into that chair cause there is an extra clip that's pretty funny. The first have is mostly humor and a bit of action and the rest is drama and action. I saw this for my birthday :Party_fest09: . I love the triwst and it's so unpredictable that no one in the world could figure it out before and lucky for you i'm keeping my mouth shut. I love how he starts turning into a better person. :sorry: if I said too much. Stop saying bad things about it, it is a good movie. :respect: IT :interesting: :2thumbs: :wickedwisdom: :yeah: :woowoo: :hail:


  2. Great video man!! Amazing job you did! Tim has to put this one on the site!

    this the best video ever it has some much meaning, thank u for putting it on youtube where i found it then came to this website but it is a very meaningful video just don't only listen to it actually feel what he is saying. Live on brother :wickedwisdom: :signthankspin:live on Will Smith

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