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  1. Oh and this one :D

    Pharao moch ft Canibus- hell


    Yo yo I feel like I'm one of the livest

    One of hip hop's finest, elite rhymers

    And I plan to graduate wit honors

    But one day we'll all be a bunch of old-timers wit Alzheimer's

    Lookin at our label's roster wonderin how the **** they forgot us

    After we done recorded dozens of albums

    And made em hundreds of thousands of dollars, they still dropped us

    We givin niggaz what THE **** they want

    A holocaust, stompin niggaz wit a thousand man march

    I ain't livin in hell, hell's livin in me

    That's why I'm always screamin on you ****in MC's

    The **** that I quote, float wit the buoyancy of a boat

    wit the potency of a scorpion sting to the throat

    Overdose that's extremely fatal

    Doctors in white labcoats scramble for an antidote to save you

    You can't breathe, your chest feels painful

    Your skin color's goin from dark brown to beige-blue

    Your whole room's full of angels

    All in your ear tryin to tell you which God you should pray to

    You pray to Je-sus, but He don't wanna save you

    Cuz you unfaithful, so He gives you to Azazel

    You're paralyzed on the operatin table

    Prayin for Canibus to slice you from head to navel

    You banned from TV, banned from CD's

    Banned from DVD's and downloadable MP3s!

  2. Theres so many good ones, here this is dope:

    (, but you have hear him say it for the real effect)


    The china-men built the railroad

    The indians saved the pilgrim

    And in return the pilgrim killed em

    They call it it thanksgiving, I call your holiday hellday

    Cause I’m from poverty, neglected by the wealthy

    Me and my niggas share gifts every day like christmas

    Slay bitches and party everyday like this is the last

    I’m with my heckles connecting and we hitting the lad

    This is my level, **** if it get you mad

    It’s all poison, all of my words to enemies it is poison

    Rappers only talk about ki’s, it’s all poison

    How could you call yourself emcees you ain’t poison

    Think about the kids you mislead with the poison

    And any thoughts of taking me down is all poison

    Who want beef now, my heat shell annoyed them, plaow

  3. Well, I really don't think about rappers that much when i'm in bed at night, and certainly not Jay-Z. I'm not even a Jay-Z fan; His only album I own is resonable doubt.

    But wether or not I concider him a top 50 rappers is totally besides the point, seriously, I never stated that Jay-Z is even a reasonably good rapper. This however does not mean that jewlery is not his reality. You need to start seperarting things, with your black and white tunnel vision.

  4. diehardwill, your an idiot, seriously its official now.

    I'm not even that big of a jay-z fan, but thats besides the point.

    that line is obviously not the line of a hater, its giving respect to Will. If Will hadnt acomplished anything? if his name did not symbolize something then why would Jay say he "EVEN" sold more then him?

    Besides, what do you have against being cocky? against being arogant? the reason Jay-Z acts like hes better then alot of people ( JUST LIKE WILL DOES) is because he actually is, in many ways. You can't deny that.(Well you can but you would be wrong.)


    is that what hip hop's all about?

    No, but it is what alot of peoples lives are about, jay-z tries to be as big as he can be NAS TRIED THE COMMERCIAL THING ASWELL, its not like Jay was dissing Talib Kweli or something. I mean OOCHIE WALLY WALLY OOCHIE BANG BANG.(I think Nas is a better rapper then jay-z but this is again besides the point.)

    And the pioneer/legend blah blah is getting way out of hand now! PEOPLE DONT LISTEN TO WHO EVER PAVED SOME WAY FOR SOMEONE 20 YEARS OGO! THEY LISTEN TO WHO MAKES MMUSIC THEY LIKE!!

  5. Yea, AJ I would agree with you, if it wasnt for the fact that what your saying is total nonsence.

    Jewlery is part of Jay-Z's reality; he does have that, you can call it an insignificant part of his reality (witch it really isn't because jewlery isnt just a metal and rocks, its a symbol for something.) but that does not make it less of a reality. Partying is part of Will smiths life, and so are most of the things he raps about in the song.

    You need to start looking further then your nose is long.

  6. jeez dude it took like 3 years 2 respond

    your rhymes are far far away from bein bombs

    they're soft and harmless more like drops of rain

    your hardest rhyme couldnt bring any pain

    no need 2 respond 2 u cuz i didnt consider that a diss

    my rhymes are clean, no guns, drugs or piss

    how u gonna bruise my lungs? i think you're just sore

    cuz all that huffin and puffin could certainly injure yours

    if you're a modern day DeVinci was that your Mona Lisa?

    porque si fuera usted, yo tendría prisa

    because that would fail on comparison, not a work of art at all

    i don't try to be hard, no need to grab my balls

    my rhymes hit u like a bird crap on your head

    it's stunning, surprising and scars u 4 life

    like Pep and Tajai said "what u are is what u do"

    Right now u ain't doin nothin so what does that say about u?

    :thumb: progress is for cool people

  7. Reborn to reign, I think you got it all wrong//

    My rhymes aren’t bullets, their backpack nuclear bombs//

    Blowing the chest ofa wack ass rapper, with no use for a gun//

    My music, is ruthless, bruising your lungs//

    Twenty first century, Leonardo Da Vinci//

    With hand-built tanks, blowing the limbs ofa emcees//

  8. we Elected Jan peter Balkenende

    and he looks like Harry potter


    Anyway, people are idiots.

    but we are still cooler because we use the metric system!

    the metric system is for cool people, I bet Mike lowrey uses it. And agent Jay.. and james bond, and dr. evil and jesus and batman and shaka zulu and those guys from the blues brothers and dr phil, and all sorts of extreamly cool persons!

    Jonny 5

    Posted on May 9 2005, 02:17 PM


    yeah, metric is better but I would say that because I was brought up wit it! by the way 1 metre is not 0.01KM!!! so simple...

    omg such typo :P

    Well it is simple anyway! :speechless:

    0.001 yaaay!

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