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  1. there's too many episodes to love...

    however, I ESPECIALLY love the episode, "Boyz in the Woods"...

    so many good lines in that one. great sentimental moments and great comedic moments...

    (Uncle Phil, Will, and Carlton get out of the car to find that all their equipment is no longer attached to the top of the car)

    Carlton: "Our stuff is gone!"

    Uncle Phil: "Will, I told you to strap everything securely to the top of the car!"

    Will: "I did!-- d'oh, this ain't the Volvo!"

    (upon finding the money)

    Will: "I'm sleeping with the presidents... now I how Marilyn Monroe feels!"

    Carlton: "For a long time, it gave me nightmares. Having to witness an injustice like that. I--It was a constant reminder of how cruel this world could be! I could still hear them taunting him... 'Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids.'..... Why couldn't they just give him some cereal?"

  2. moving quote from a very moving episode... probably one of the quintessential tear-jerkers of the show's 6-year run.

    Uncle Phil: "Will, it's all right to be angry."

    Will: "Hey, why should I be mad? I'm sayin', at least he said, 'goodbye,' this time. I just wish I hadn't wasted my money buying him this stupid present..."

    Uncle Phil: "I-I'm sorry. You know, if there was something that I could do..."

    Will: "Hey, you know what? You ain't gotta do nuthin, Uncle Phil. Y'know, it ain't like I'm still five years old, y'know... ain't like I'm gonna be sittin' up every night, askin my mom, 'when's daddy comin' home?', y'know? Who needs him! Hey, he wasn't there to teach me how to shoot my first basket, but I learned, didn't I? And I got pretty damn good at it too, didn't I, Uncle Phil?"

    Uncle Phil: "Yeah, you did."

    Will: "Got through my first date without him. Right? I learned how to drive, I learned how to shave, I learned how to fight without him. I had fourteen great birthdays without him. He never even sent me a damn card. THE HELL WITH HIM!.... I didn't need him then, and I don't need him now!"

    Uncle Phil: "Will--"

    Will: "No, you know what Uncle Phil? I'ma get through college without him! I'ma get a great job without him! I'ma marry me a beautiful honey, and I'ma have me a whole bunch a kids! I'ma be a better father than he ever was! And I sure as hell don't need him for that, 'cause there ain't a damn thing he could ever teach me, about how to love my kids!..... How come he don't want me, man?"

    hope this helps!

  3. Carlton (singing): "Let my people... GOOOOOO!"

    Will (singing): "Let my cousin.... GROOOOOWWW!"

    *Will and Carlton try to pick up two French Girls."

    Will: "Here, I'll be the rapper and..."

    Carlton: "You're always the rapper! This time, I'll be the rapper, and you be Gary Coleman!"

    French Girl: "What is your name?"

    Carlton: "uhhh..."

    Will: "'Tiny-by-Nature'!"

  4. not really a fat joke, but it is implied...

    Geoffrey: "Of all the rooms to burn down in your uncle's house... the kitchen! Are you mad, boy?"

    Jazz: "Man I'm hungry. When y'all eat around here?"

    Uncle Phil: "We eat here later. You eat here never.

    Jazz: "Looks like you eat here often.

    Will: "My uncle's twice the man you'll ever be!"

    Judge Robertson: "Ohh, he's got my vote!"

    Will: "At least my uncle stands for something!"

    Judge Robertson: "What's that? A buffet?!"

    Jazz: "Yo Mr. Banks! My tubbie, judicial brotha!"

    **Uncle Phil throws Jazz out of the house**

    Uncle Phil: "My God... that bug isn't going to get the best of me! Now I know how Captain Ahab felt when he was chasing Moby Dick!"

    Geoffrey: "Between the two of you, the cricket is the whale?"

  5. for me, personally (in no particular order...)

    - Men in Black. He was just perfect here as Agent J. Great laughs, wicked effects, pimpin' toys, and original story... good stuff.

    - Bad Boys II. I like both "Bad Boys" movies, but this one really upped the ante in terms of action and comedy. The first movie had more of a schtik because of the situation of Will and Martin Lawrence's characters having to switch places. Here, it's more of a straight-up buddy flick with bad-ass heroes and villains. Gotta love the Ferrari...

    - Enemy of the State. Wicked thriller, touching upon the concept of Big Brother; trust no one...

    - Hitch. This movie was a nice change of pace... we're all used to seein' Big Will take on much more action-oriented roles, but this movie solidified him back to his more comedic roots... good movie for a date ( :dope: )

    - Six Degrees of Separation. I'm putting this movie as one of my favourites because his role, here, was definitely a departure from his later work. I use this movie, along with Ali, to show unbelievers that Will can definitely act and move away from his more action-oriented & "Fresh Prince" type roles. His role as a gay con-artist is definitely moving and very innocent, which, at the time this was released, was a far cry from the headstrong, ladies' man we were used to seeing on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"... good stuff.

    Honorable mentions...

    I, Robot- dope action/sci-fi flick... unlike his previous action flicks like "Bad Boys," "Men in Black," & "Independence Day", Smith's character here was far more driven. He was still, in essence, a smart-ass, but was clearly a much more damaged character.

    Ali - no doubt... "the champ is here!"

    Independence Day - hahaha... definitely here to whoop ET's ass...

    Bad Boys- fresh start to a fresh movie series.

  6. the woman who plays will's mom in the opening credits looks almost like Karyn Parsons (hilary)... just in a costume hahaha...

    i dunno... it honestly looks a little bit like her when she says "you're movin' with ur auntie and uncle in bel-air!"

    Welcome to the board!

    thanks! nice to find a dope spot for Dj Jazzy Jeff/FP fans such as myself


  7. I got the first season FPOBA DVD and I noticed there's an error on the back cover where it tells about the show. It says it's a "2-disc DVD collection" but there are 4 discs! Did any of you ever notice that??? :nhawong:

    i noticed that too... i guess this was printed around the time that the First Season collection was to consist of TWO double-sided discs... it was a last minute change to go with the regular 4-one-sided disc collection....

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