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  1. Jeff very rarely plays his stuff or Will's... At Jazz Cafe he played Jiggy and that is probably the only time I've heard him play a Will Smith track.

    He likes to take people on a journey with his sets and play a wide range of tracks.. I can't remember the last time he played one genre for the night.

    well that journey that Jeff take me was to a 15 years old teen ipod..i have no problem with reggae, pop, rock... but i cant say that for a music for the fingers (snaping sh*ts lil wayne etc.) come on (: i can see that point just dont feel it, when there is a crowd for good music, something like diss

  2. Hey Jeff was here as well, everything was dope, i met him, even we make an interview, Skillz was there, i get an autograph IMG_1312.jpg

    BUT the music Jeff was playing wasnt kool, mostly some commersial rap, even dupstep ha, almost no real hip hop, no JJFP song or Will's ..the scratching was dope!! but i dont liked the music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sRE6aXpdng&feature=youtu.be true story, i wished he was playing some of his fave tracks...

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