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  1. Hahaha Well can't say I'm suprised to be hearin this here. Anyway Kanye is a great rapper. He has a huge ego and somethimes yeah he'll say some off the wall stuff that will have you lookin like "Is he sereious?" but hey his statements are not groundless. In his music he does what he wants to do not what the record company wants him to do (his newest album "808s & Heartbreak" for example). In that album He sings and it's an actuall piece of him. He puts so much emotion in that album and expresses his feelings which in this case is about the loss of his mother (Coldest Winter) and the break-up with his ex-fiancee (the rest of the album). SIDEBAR: No one deserves the feeling of losing a girl they were in love with DevilsJim89 ...it hurts like a bitch. Anyway he says he is the Micheal Jordan of music everybodys eyes were on Jordan when he was doin his thing. There was a lot of hype around him. There's hype around Kanye too. Now personally I woulda never been so bold as to call myself the Michael Jordan of music but his statement isn't comepletly groundless.

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