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  1. I don't know if this has been posted yet but here is Will's response to Bow Wow on a Philly radio station.

    Lately it seems like nothing can go right for Bow Wow, the 18-year old, multi-platinum, self-proclaimed "Ohio playa", as in the last week he has been belittled by some of the game's current artists and moguls.

    "...Yea, Paul Wall did Grillz", the no longer "Lil" Bow Wow said on a Philadelphia radio station. But surprisingly at another time on the same show, when asked about doing his grill, Paul Wall said, "What? Nah. Ain't nothin' like that. I aint even know he old enough. I think I would still have to get his parents permission." Another interview by another Philadelphia area radio station placed Will Smith with the "job" of answering to Bow Wow's accusations of being a bubble gum rapper. But Smith refused to respond saying that, "A grown man don't answer to no child. I'm a grown ass man. I cut records before his momma let somebody cut to have him." Smith also added, "My worst movie (Wild Wild West) grossed almost twice as your best movie (Like Mike). Check the records and read a book young man."

  2. First, I think we need to worry more about Hollywood showing a black man having a real romantic relationship with a black woman before having a romance with a white woman is even considered. Yes Will has had black wives and girlfriends in movies but he has yet to do a movie in which his relationship with a black woman is the focal point of the movie not a sub-plot afterthought as seen in BB@, ID4, EoS.... I'm pissed about that.

  3. Here is an articel on the taping from Teen Hollywood:


    You may have already heard actor/rapper Will Smith’s new club single “Switch” from his upcoming album “Lost and Found”, streetdate March 29th on Interscope Records. Inside a big soundstage next to the Burbank airport, a few members of the press joined family and friends of the superstar to watch Will and old pal DJ Jazzy Jeff perform raps from Will’s early career as well as some samples from his new album. The party was being taped by Wal-Mart for a special DVD.

    Before Will joined us, strobeing purple and turquoise lighting gave way to oranges and reds as we saw a well-edited, multi-screen video retrospective of his film and rap careers up to his new single for the club tune “Switch”. Joined by DJ Jazzy Jeff, Will greeted his audience of widely-mixed ages and races and encouraged crowd shout-outs and participation. At one point, the superstar, who was upbeat and gracious throughout the show and still looks hot enough on stage to set off some serious squealing, quietly explained the origin of the album’s title. He felt he’d lost his promising rap career when he turned to TV and films. After introducing his family, including wife Jada Pinkett-Smith and their kids in the audience, the star went on to say that seeing Jada and her band Wicked Wisdom on stage rekindled the live performance fire in him and thus, this new record and his passion for rap rediscovered.Will and his talented dancers performed early hits “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It”, “Summertime” and other Smith/Jazzy classics. In the middle of the show, red lights and sirens went off, we were told that aliens might be in the area and Will and dancers emerged in their M.I.B. garb for that familiar number.Will and his talented dancers performed early hits “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It”, “Summertime” and other Smith/Jazzy classics. In the middle of the show, red lights and sirens went off, we were told that aliens might be in the area and Will and dancers emerged in their M.I.B. garb for that familiar number

  4. I just played these snippets for some friends who don't enjoy Will's music but tolerate it because of me and they really liked these tracks. I think the beats and topic will really show today's new hip hop fans what we've known for awhile. All my friends said he should have released one of these instead of Switch though. I'm really feeling the freestyle.

  5. I saw the interview last night. Pat O'brien (the host) flew to Rio and they talked about how successful Hitch was. They also talked about how Will had missed the Grammys and Will talked about all the Grammys he had won and the performance in 1998 when he did Men in Black and Jiggy. That was about it. Today they are going to show his home videos taken while he was watching the Carnivale parade.

  6. Everyone I went with thought it started off kinda slow but it got really funny once it got going. Will was really charming in the movie and Kevin James was hilarious. And the theater was sold out which is a very good sign.

    (still not an eva mendes fan though)

  7. I don't think people are underestimating Will. As fans, we all want Will to succeed in his music and movies. I think some people on the board are just being more realistic than others. With regard to the repeat references to Boom Shake the Room, Will has said in interviews that that song is the wackest he's ever done. The video for Switch does greatly enhance the song and I'm glad he moved away from the flashy Wild Wild West type stuff.

  8. To diehardwill:

    I rarely post here but I have to comment on your statement. First, open a dictionary. There are different types of terrorism. Individuals are terrorized on a daily basis by other individuals. As someone supposedly living on the African continent, I would think you should know the sexual terrorism many of the women and young girls there are facing. What might seem like constant paranoia to you is actually the reality of black people in America regardless of wealth or fame. Racism is also rampant in Africa which makes me question whether you are a white African reaping the benefits of colonialism living in complete oblivion/denial of the situation of others. Last, to say come back to Africa is ignorant as African-Americans did not ask to leave there in the first place.

  9. Krizia...I don't think you should leave the board. I totally agree that some of the people on this board take themselves way too seriously which is why I don't post that often. I love Will and only come to check for news about him not to read these people's opinions. You should do the same. I was also really looking forward to hearing the interview on Power 106 so please reconsider.

  10. I thought this was interesting cuz I really like to see Will doing stuff for those in need.

    Will Smith, the US actor

    September 16, 2004, 16:43

    Will Smith, the US actor and rapper, is set to become the global ambassador for the Nelson Mandela 46664 Aids fund raising campaign. Smith who was accompanied by his wife and actress Jada Pinkett-Smith and their children met with Madiba in Johannesburg today.

    Smith is in the country to promote his latest film I, Robot, a science-fiction thriller. The Hollywood mega star, whose movies are box office hits, is bracing for a new role. One that could be more challenging than any served up by Hollywood script writers.

    Mandela announced at the meeting that Smith will be a global ambassador for his Aids fund raising campaign. Preparing for his new starring role, Smith is open to all possibilities, saying he will take his cue from Mandela. Mandela launched his global "46664" campaign last October to raise awareness and funds for people with the deadly disease. Some of the biggest names in international entertainment circles have backed it.

    The 86-year-old former president proved once again that he has lost none of his magic. Mandela also met Abdul Kalam, the visiting Indian president, who made a R1 million donation to the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund. - Additional reporting Sapa
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