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  1. yeah it says he recorded over 50 traxs it only shows 14 i was lookin forward to hearin ludacris, kanye an petey pablo on his album i know not all of them would make it but he has really tooken quite alot out someone please tell me if they know wots goin on
  2. i love that man im glad he aint doin it for tha muney
  3. does any any one know if he is wearing timberland boots in the switch video
  4. i havent seen hitch yet it looked god but didnt do too well according to this website www.imdb.com
  5. i hope he dosent swear in his album not that i wood mind tht much but i dont think it will suit him well im glad he aint goin gangsta
  6. i picked i,robot cos i havent seen hitch yet but looks good
  7. if the album is already made then how com he is still waitin on justin timberlake to say if he wants to collab with him
  8. yeah think ill buy it from the shop too unless its cheaper on the net
  9. wot does the p stand for on wills cap/hat he always wears its also in the switch video does anyone know
  10. does anybody know what the p stands for on wills cap in the switch video or is it custom made
  11. hitch looks good it looks like will has stoped actin with the fresh prince humour and is a wee bit more mature in films
  12. im glad will is doin a song for eminem, he should made this song a long time ago
  13. do any of y'all know if will is comin to uk for his tour cos tht would be jus great
  14. does anyone know what kind of cap will wears in the switch video im thinkin of buyin it and is he wearin timberland boots
  15. does anyone know what make is dat cap is tht he wears in the switch video
  16. i bin hearin rumours he is been actin more gangsta in new album hope it aint troo does anyone no if it is true
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