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  1. i partially agree wit lerkot will an 50 dont go i dont want him too hate him but iwould prefer if he would not hang about with him but what i dont understand is if not too long ago will said 50's new album was rubbish and said he had no talent so after that why would they hang abt togeher and eminem wouldnt want 50 to hang abt with him anyway so i dont believe it

  2. i think will should mostly make tunes like miami or summertime but aint sayin he should stop makin a bit harder hittin tunes just not as often but i suppose it would be borin if he stayed with one style a balance would probably b better i should hav added that as well in the poll

    hero 1 i aint sayin he should keep to one style im only sayin prefer his relaxin tunes i still like his hard hittin stuff too i luv boom shake shake the room an lost an found thats all man

  3. for big wills standards i wasnt to keen on born to reign i would hav to say big willie style was my favourite will solo album had really good chillin out beats like just cruisin, gettin jiggy wit it, miami and just the two of us only bad thing is no dj jazzy jeff wot do y'all think of big willie style :kool:

  4. what do y'all think i jus heard lost and found but i would probably say big willie style cos tht got the classics like gettin jiggy wit it, just the two of us, just cruisin,men in black and my all time favourite next to summertime miami

    plus wosnt too keen on born to reign

  5. hey dont trust this guest guy cuz big_a in da house probaly just logged out and posted as a guest abd pretended with this lil german thing to back up his information cuz he wants to start a will vs 50 thing like someone before said

    think wot u want bag o trash but quite frankly we arent all as said as u

    cos i didnt log out an pretend to b see sum 1 else plus def CEM heard all abt it 2 plus if any of yall live in the uk (edinburgh) read yesterdays bus paper called the metro an tht can b ur truth

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