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  1. Great Remix...But I Kinda Like More Remix With Lil' Jon... _____ Nothin' But Love Peace
  2. I Have That CD The Songs Are Great...And I Love Summertime (Extended Bass Mix) That's From Summertime CD Single (1991), And Of Course Original Version Is Legendary...They Play It On Radio Every Summertime...The Song That Only JJ+FP Can Sing...No One Else Who Sing It Can't Sing It Like Them... _____ Nothin' But Love PEACE
  3. Mine Is Party Starter And Then Lost & Found ...What's This Track "We Wont"??...I Don't Have That On My CD... _____ Nothin' But Love Peace
  4. OK...Well If Someone Have It Please Upload For Me...If Ya Need Somethin' I'll Upload For Y'all If I Have It Thnx _____ Nothin' But Love PEACE
  5. Oh, I'm Sorry I Just Saw That I Put It In Wrong Section...It Was Supposed To Go In OFF TOPIC... ...Anyway Does Anyone Have It On RS Or Megaupload??? _____ Nothin' But Love Peace
  6. I Saw It On Rare Tracks Section But I'll Never Get To 100 Posts To Go In There... So I Was Wondering If Someone Could Upload Me Will's Live In Concert DVD (On rapidshare.com OR megaupload) Would You Please Do It...I Can't Wait Until 100th Post... I Can't Find That Video Anywhere _____ Nothin' But Love PEACE
  7. I Can't Believe Isn't There Anything Else What U Can Find To Do...You Have To Write 7 Pages Of Same Messages....Damn... ...GET A LIFE...
  8. I Wish I Could Go But I Can't...Damn...I Hope That I'll See Video Or Somethin'... I Really Wanna Go (Damn School)... _____ Nothin' But Love Peace
  9. My Favorite Quote Is When Will Sings In Basement:: I'm Stuck In A Basement Sittin' On A Tricycle, Girl Gettin' On My Nerves. Going Out Of My Mind I Thought She Was Fine, Don't Know If Her Body Is Hers. :lolsign: _____ Nothin' But Love Peace
  10. That Can't Happen...I Love His Music As A Lot Of People Around The World And I Personally Would Be Sad If He Quit Making Music...He Need More Albums.... ______ Nothin' But Love Peace
  11. He's Totally Right...But Some Actors Couldn't Handle To Be Global Superstars So Maybe That's Why They Don't Go In London,Tokyo,Australia.......... _____ Nothin' But Love Peace
  12. Yea That Scene Was Great Too... I Am Legend Is Great Movie...Can't Wait Hancock...I Saw Trailer And It Look Great Too... _____ Nothin' But Love Peace
  13. To Me The Best Scene Was When He Find Fred On The Street... Check It Out:: What's Yours ??? _____ Nothin' But Love Peace
  14. Yea...I've Done That Several Times...Me And Few Of My Friends Done That Dance In A Classroom While We Was Waiting Professor... _____ Nothin' But Love Peace
  15. I Love That Episode...And That Song Is Really Good... _____ Nothin' But Love Peace
  16. I Hope That On That Concert He Realize That He's Made For Music And That We Want Him To Sing...And I Hope That He And Jazz Got Back Together And Rock The House... _____ Nothin' But Love Peace
  17. For Me Lost And Found Is His Best Album In His Solo Carrier...The Songs Are Great...And I Hope That He Make Another One Soon... _____ Nothin' But Love Peace
  18. I'm Hoping For Another Live DVD Too...It Would Be Great
  19. That's A Great Video...Boom! Shake the Room & I'm Looking For The One (To Be With Me) Are Great Songs And They Have Great Music Videos Too... _____ Nothin' But Love Peace
  20. I Hope That He Come To Croatia...He's Never Been Here And He Should... I Wanted To Go When He Came To Italy (Italy Is Only Across The Sea From Croatia) But My Mom Didn't Let Me Because I Got Into A Fight In School... Anyway...Hope He Come To Croatia... _____ Nothin' But Love Peace
  21. I'll Stick Around And I Hope That I'll Make Some Friends Here Too...I Just Wanted To Know What I Need To Do To Access Downloads... ...Thanks For Answer... _____ Nothin' But Love Peace
  22. What Do U Mean By That...If You Think That I'm Only Here To Download Something -- You're Wrong...Cause I'm BIG FAN Of Will And I Love His Music And Movies Live Everybody Here...That's Why I'm Here...To Meet Other People Who Are JJFP Fans...Cause Here Where I Live I'm The Only Fan... ...And I'm Also Member On Will Smith Official Web Site (www.willsmith.com) Also As WillardBigFan...And Everybody Knows Me There...I Post Lot Of Posts And Answer Lot Of Questions (And Ask A Few Questions Too)... ...So Before You Judge A Person You Better Find Out What He's All About... _____ Nothin' But Love Peace
  23. 100 posts...really...Isn't that a little too much..I mean I'll stick around and all that...but 100 posts...It will take me a long time to have 100 posts... ...But Maybe not...We'll see... _____ Nothin' But Love Peace
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