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  1. Striker: Romario!! Soon to score 1000 goals. He's 40 or 41 dunno.

    I think Amadeo Carboni played for Valencia till he was 40. He retired last year. A lot of italians get retired late. Roberto Baggio played to an advanced age too.

    You named Donato from Deportivo La Coruña. I think Mauro Silva from the same team reitred at the 40's too, but im not sure about that.

  2. 6th April - BCN.

    He came here like 2 years ago and I didnt attend it I don't know why:(

    I checked a website with all the hip-hop shows that take place in Spain, and only the Sevilla one is advertised: "DJ Jazzy Jeff+Mad Skillz" April 11th. But nothing about Barcelona :S

    Do you know something about it Hero?


  3. Hello.

    A friend of mine told me about a program called Ultrastar (http://ultrastarstuff.com/). It's like a SingStar (karaoke) for PC, but free and OpenSource. You can create your own songs using the midi file of a song, the .mp3 and filling the lyrics in a txt file.

    I want to create the FreshPrince of Bel-Air song, but I got a problem with the midi file. It says it has to have the Vocal Line because it's used by the program. But the midi i found doesn't have that "vocal line".

    Could anybody help me with this? Does anybody have a good midi of the song? If it's not from The Fresh Prince, Summertime or something like that would be great too :P

    Thank you!

  4. I got the album. These days i'm listening to The roots - Game theory, Jurassic 5 - Power in Numbers and Sergio Mendes - Timeless so it's hard to decide which one is better :) But i love Fiasco's one. Kick&Push, Jill Scott's one..almost all of them. He's so freak xD with the Star Wars action figures in the I Gotcha clip, hehe. You can see R2D2 there.

    Lupe is a spanish name for females tho, and fiasco means something it went really wrong. So not feeling the name at all : )

    And second thing. He says he's muslim, no alcohol, no clubbing etc...and the album's name is Food & Liquor. I'm a complete ignorant about that religion, but i don't get the liquor thing while he's against alcohol.

  5. Damn....that building is SAGRADA FAMILIA, sure most famous place in Barcelona. You visited the olimpic stadium but you should of visited FC Barcelona stadium, home of the European Champs :P

    Hope you enjoyed the city, and remember sayin Barcelona is Spain is the same as saying Dublin is England :P

    Did you visit the gothic neighborhood?

  6. Ya`ll nead to watch out for HSV Hamburg. Thats starting to become one hell of a team.

    Yeah...as i said time ago i got family in Kiel, they follow HamburgSV so i do so too. You have to admit Hamburger classified with a lucky goal against Navarra's Osasuna. I don't feel Guerrero and Lauth can do big damage. Van de Vaart is often injured. They couldn't even win against Arminia in Bundesliga. They got an easy groups tho.

    And Cristgolo: GROUP E: REAL MADRID, Olympique de Lyon, Steaua de Bucarest & Dinamo de Kiev. Sorry but Lyonaiss is the only threat there, and they lost Diarra...he's in Madrid now... No offense but what have Bucarest and Kiev done in the last years in C.League?

    And Group A: Barça (2 straight Liga's championships, former CL champ), Chelsea(2 straight Premiers and the best team individually) And Werder Bremer (usually runner up in Bundesliga and one of the best offensive teams), compared to this one, yeah, Madrid's groups is easy.

  7. Some people say the match between Argentinia and Germany is gonna be a early final. The one that wins thas is gonna win the whole thing.

    @ Kikflip:

    Dont be so shure about that. Zwitserland is doing good till now.

    Oh Lord... I`m nerveus now.. Penaltys..lol


    Hehehehehe...No Switzerland so italy in in semifinals :P

    I like both Argentina and Germany a lot so it'll definetely be like a final to me.

    Hope Argies pass but they'll have to play better if they pretend to beat Germany+referees

  8. Now that is world class, not Spain. Serbia is better than Ukraine, played harder, but Argentina played like they know (slow-paced game) and dominated from start to end. Great game by the whole team as half of the goals were team play (no free kicks, corner kicks etc). Messi proved he's in another level: 13 mins played, 1 goal 1 assist. Let's hope they arrive to the final.

  9. Yes. They were lucky.

    1. I saw no difference between Togo or Saudi Arabia and Ukraine

    2. 1st goal was from a corner kick, 2nd goal was a deflected ball after a free throw, 3rd goal wasn't penalty, so ukraine shouldnt have played with 10men, and 4th was good

    so i don't think they did a great game at all. Just wait and see what they do when they face Brazil, Argentina or England.

  10. Spain killed Ukraine.. This new kid Villa is amazing.. And the Fernando Torres goal was great.. I think if Sheva got some help he would have scored..

    Villa was the 2nd top scorer of La Liga behind Etoo. And he's turning 25. Actually he has given me 20+ points in the Yahoo Fantasy League :gettinjiggywitit:

    However i think Spain was a little lucky. At least 2nd goal was just luck and 3rd goal wasnt legal as that play was not a penalty.

  11. After day 2:

    1 Team Bring It (jm_marchant) 26

    2 Hierollas (tim_bayliss) 24

    3 FC Stormers (djjazzykev_uk) 21.5

    4 Bruce Willis is getting old (lerkot) 18.5

    5 All the way (jonasdk1987) 15

    6 Definition XI (micksingh57) 13.5


    I'm in the European zone, not in JJFP league but i got 38.5 points right now.

    YahooID: enriquelme8

    Do you know if i can change my group for another one?

    I managed to change my group to JJFP...but they erased all my points and now i start with 0 :tantrum:

    So Frank Lampard's 11x2, Riquelme, Shweinsteiger, John Terry.....all those points are gone :(

    ..... Actually...when i select my team it still says 38.5 points, but in the JJFP group i got 0

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