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  1. I'm a huge Lost fan! Seen every episode and listen to a million Lost podcasts. They just signed a deal to continue the show until 2010 in its sixth and final season. and it returns in Feb. It is slow at times but think about the mysteries they have solved, we know whats in the hatch, we (kinda) know who the "Others" are and we know how the plane crashed. So stick with it! The bad news is that because of the writers strike this season might have only 8 episodes.

  2. Was FPOBA a good thing for Will? Sure it skyrocketed him to fame and without it there would be no Happyness, Men in Black,Ali the list goes on but Im sure we'd have more Code Reds and He's the dj im the rapper I think it was a good thing because the show was funny and I love the movies but anyone else think differently? :bat:

  3. The PG-13 was a big turnoff for me but I heard it's actually pretty awesome. Love the Die Hard movies.

    God Blessa!

    I heard that.

    But the fourth movie was supposed to be about Hans Grubers Son going after Lucy McClane. There was a videogame with the whold plot. He's back in LA, with Reginald VelJohnsons Character and Dick Thoenberg (the press guy).

    They literally did the wrong plot.

    I loved it. The plot that you were talking about sounds good but it would hae seemed kinda lame since Hans's brother was in the last one. I really like this moie but would hae liked an R raating im gonna get that unrated dvd.

  4. however, i must admit I became a Will smith fan, not from his movies but from his music.

    NOT to say that he isn't a great actor.

    However, I won't apologize for his bad movie selection...

    5 movies in a row that grossed over 100 mil, you have a strange defintion of a "bad movie selection." Give IAL a chance Peter Jackson wasnt exactly Hitchcock before he did LOTR.

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