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  1. Right, that's why I don't have an ounce of respect for 50. He's definitely "lost". Moreover he seems to do every little thing to bring the hip-hop culture to its worst. In my country 50 is big, every yougster, who tries to be hip-hop wears g-unit stuff and has 50 in his walkman. Others see that and think hip-hop is awful and we have nobody to explain the truth to them(

  2. I can understand what you are saying. I, Robot isn't something serious, that can show Will's best. But i still loved the movie, cause I don't usually watch action muvies or sci-fi(sp?)? unless they have a drop of comedy. Maybe Robot is that kind of movies which people like, but which really doesn't stay in the History. I would love any new movie starring WIll mith. And the stories in the I, Robot book are really kind of interesting, can make a nice plot.

  3. I think it was a good thing. Besides that the producers of FP said they surrounded Will with the best actors so he could catch up with them, absorb their skills. Maybe Will would have started a movie career without FPOBL, cause it was obvious that Will is talanted, but a great start like FPOBA got the snowball rolling.

  4. in my county they do it too, and you really can't hear the person. Plus they mess up his/her words. They never ever use subtitles. That's a nightmare.

    Tahnks for the link, that is a really nice video. ANd yeah, that's strange how Will is dressed. But he can dress in whatever he wants, he will look ok, cause we are used to seeing him looking funny.

  5. Hm... It's REALLY hard to chose 1. THough i voted for Season 4, cause it has Jazzy's wedding and that episode when Jazz and Jewel are trying to get a baby. And the very first episode I saw was the one where Will disappears with some girl's daddy, when in the end it turns out that Will fooled the daddy by telling him they were away from civilization.

    Though season 4 doesn't have my favorite Aunt Viv. But Season 4 for me is still the most important, because when I first saw the show in Croatia, I liked it so much I recorded it on my video camera cause there was no other way, and the episode I recorded was about Jazzy and Jewel going through their *problem*. When I got back home, and ordered the dvd's at first i ordered 1&2, then 3, then 4. And every time a new episode started i waited it to be the one about Jazz and Jewel. And i almost lost my hope when I was getting the 4th dvd. So it's like my biggest dream came true. lol

    And i also happened to skip the Jazz' Wedding episode, and I was like "Hey, how come they didn't show it, and what's that "I gave you the wedding" is all about? Am I missing something?! " Cause when I watched episode after episode my dvd somehow skipped 1 episode. And that happened every other season. So I had !surprises!.

    But there are some awesome episodes in each season, that you can't leave behind.

  6. It all depends on which country's MTV that is. In my country MTV does show music vids, but mostly early in the morning and at night. At daytime they show 5 mins of celebrity news, maybe 2-4 times a day, shows like the one, where there's 1 person on the screen and 3 opponents, trying to win him, then the 2 kiss and if it's in the lips - they're a couple, if in the cheeck - friends. DOn't know if that show is a remake. Then stuff like Fabulous life, near 2 other VH1 shows. Music charts. That's pretty much all. And the music they show is complete rubbish. So i hate mtv too, not hate, but don't watch. Oh! I forgot the 2 serials, that are absolutely awful and unbarable, though people love them. yuck!

    The whole point is - MTV is loosing its normal audience, because all they show is thing that crazy fans of popular music would watch, and dumb people love cheap reality shows. I don't mind watching some, but some good ones

  7. I just thought i could post a funny pic of Lauryn.


    sorry that's from MTO

    Lol somebody their said she switched stylists with Andree 3000

    I still like her, even her new look, cause i think if you're an intertainer, you can and sometimes should dress a little like a clown as long as you don't look ugly. Laury is beautiful, she can dress however she wants/

  8. I got my dvd's last year and I absolutely loved them! Butn why didn't they put English subtitles in the 4th season? I get the most of the talk, but some of the funniest things remain unidentified for me.

    Can't wait for seasons 5, 6 to come out with subtitles and extra's, hope they'll put something interesting in them. Any information when they are going to come out?

  9. I've lost almost all of my respect for Jay (it's more like I lost all of it, but now I feel better) after I saw what I saw about his song, I don't remember the title, but if you flip it over and play you hear awful things.

    There are rappers I like from the first time I hear them, Jay is not one of them. Sorry, I didn't match the topic :sorry:

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