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  1. hey i dont deny that all you guys are great fans..and once i get to know you on the board i'll make you a potna..but this post right here was saying if you own all the JJFP albums post a pic and i'll AUTOMATICALLY make you a potna cause then i feel comfortable letting u download b-sides n stuff.. so no need to post ya collection unless u got everything

    yeah sorry didnt know that because you said in one post:

    you can be put in the potna group without having every album..but any1 who wants to be automatically made a potna can do so by postin a picture of their will/jjfp collection.

    but that's ok, gotta get them from somewhere. I already tried it couple of times on the internet to get them, but it didnt work out yet

  2. i also think you should do it, there are really not much action movies with girls. To name the movie bad boys would be stupid and i think bad girls too. So it probably wouldn't be a real remake just the same type of movie. But it would be funny if will and martin would play a small part too.

  3. i have the same opinion, i also like his movies more than his music, but that does not mean, that i hate his music. I am just more attracted to his movies, maybe because it is something for the eye :)

    But Will will have to do a lot this year. There is not just this movie there also the other ones like affirmative action and pursuit of happiness. So i guess he will have to focus on just one or two projects.

  4. Tomorrow Will will arrive in Germany to promote Hitch and to go the the premiere! He will come with his whole family, Jada, all his kids and also his brother Harry is going to come. Jazzy Jeff too!! That's so cool. But I guess I am not going to see all of them live, maybe on tv. I hope that is all true, I read at a official news website though

  5. does the following make any sense to you guys?

    Die Premiere ist definitiv am 18.02.2005 im Berlinale Palast. Das ist das Musicaltheater, in dem auch immer die BlueManGroup zu sehen und wo das Adagio ist.

    Um 22.30 Uhr gehen dann Will Smith, Eva Mendes und Kevin James (also alle 3 Hauptdarsteller) über den roten Teppich.

    Will will be in Berlin, Germany at a Film festival called "Berlinale". That will be on the 18th of Feb. So the text that you have above just says that Will will be at the Berlin Palast at 10:30 pm. Together with Eva Mendes and Kevin James he will walk over the Red Carpet at that time. Oh, and it says that the German HITCH Premiere will be there on the 18th.


  6. Here are some infos, sorry for my english!!:

    Affirmative Action

    Action comedy

    USA 2005

    status: in production (?? not sure)


    A cop from Louisiana (Will Smith) get a news partner: an FBI-Agent (Ben Affleck) The cops don't like each other, so the trouble begins. They have to find robbed police money and get the bad guys who stole it.

    Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer


    Will Smith - Cop

    Ben Affleck - FBI-Agent

    Pursuit of Happiness

    working title: Untitled Chris Gardner Project

    Drama, Biography

    USA 2006

    status: announced


    Gardner lost his job at the age of 30 and became homeless. So he lived with his little son in the toilets of the main station of san francisco.

    But Gardner hold on to his dream to become a great stock-broker. He made it to get a job as a trainee and so he worked so hard that he was an employee of one of the biggest US companies. Today Chris is a mulit miollionaire and head master of the company Gardner Rich & Co.


    Will Smith - Chris Gardner


    direction: Steve Conrad

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