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  1. Oh snap that's right around the corner from where I live. The cockpit is near the train station ain't it? Damn I would go but I'm going back home today till saturday. I go to Leeds Uni and I'm staying near the docks, called clarence dock.

    If you have another event e-mail me I'd be up for that. Andy1_12@hotmail.com

  2. "if you're serious I could make a call"

    Geforey says that when will says he could kill carlton

    "Gee, I was just kiddin'"

    "Me too :speechless:"


    Ok what about this one.

    "usually when a wonam says he want to get more comfortable, she mean she wants to get more comfortable..."

  3. The ghuy who pays the firefighter, the guy in the ambulance and the guy that comes up the ladder to rescue Will and Carlton from Mad Dog always cracks me up

    Yup that guy is hilarious.

    When they're in the abulance and he says that with the sirens on they don't have to queue :hilarious:

  4. I love this song, best song on the I want to rock album :thumb:

    "Someone knocked at the door, the teacher said who is it? This girl walked in, my imagination ran wild, she stole my heart by the way she smiled. I couldn't resist so I grabed her belt. She said whats wrong with you fool? Are you some kind of nut? The teacher turned around while my arm was extended, she looked at my face and said prince your suspended! I said your tripping it's just a bad habit, she put it in my face, she must of wanted me to grab it!"

    Classic! :lolsign:

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