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  1. wow, the lyrics are dope, haven't got round to downloading it yet (did i mention i have dialup?!).  as I'm really busy with revising and stuff hopefully it'll still be there when I'm ready for it! cheers

    If the download expires before you get to it, just let me know and i'll set you straight. no worries and i'm glad everybody's diggin it.

  2. alright yall I haven't seen this mentioned on the site anywhere, so here it is.

    It's interesting to see how Prince was comin back in those early days. They changed A LOT of the lyrics when this was reissued on Rock the House on Jive records.


    enjoy, and Hero, here's the lyrics so you can add them to the site:

    Will: Ah man, oh my eye, my eye

    Jeff: What's up, what's up Prince

    Will: Man this guy just walked up to me and punched me in my eye talkin bout I was tryin to talk his girl, man, I don't even know her man!

    Ready Rock C: Aw man, that's dead, that's dead

    Will: Ay Jeff, get me some ice, man, I can't believe this man!

    listen homeboys don't mean to bust your bubble

    but girls of the world ain't nothing but trouble

    so next time a girl gives you the play

    just remember my rhyme and get the hell away

    Just last week when I was walking down the street

    I observed this lovely lady that I wanted to meet

    I walked up to her I said hello

    she said you're kind of cute I said yes I know

    but by the way sweetheart what's your name

    she said my friends like to call me exotic Elaine

    I said my name is the Prince and she said why

    I said man, I don't know I'm just a hell of a guy

    but enough about me let's talk about you

    and all the wonderful things that you and I can do

    I popped some trash and in a little bit of time

    I showed some cash and the girl was mine

    I took her over town I wined her and dined her

    she ask me was I horny I said mm yea kinda

    all of a sudden she jumped out her seat

    snatched me up by my wrist and took me out to the street

    she started grabbin all over me kissing and hugging

    so I punched her in the chin I said you better stop buggin

    she got mad looked me dead in my face

    threw her hands in the air and yelled out rape

    I got scared when she started to yell

    so I hit her with a trash can and ran like hell

    I was duckin through alleys right and left

    but when the cops caught up they almost beat me to death

    Now i'm in prison charged with agrivated assault

    But I didn't do nothin, It was that dumb broad's fault

    But nevertheless don't mean to bust your bubble

    but girls of the world ain't nothing but trouble

    so next time a girl gives you the play

    just remember my rhyme and get the hell away

    I was in a bar one Friday night

    Chillin out watchin the Sugar Ray fight

    I was kinda laid back sippin on Tequilla

    when this girl walked up she said hi my name is Sheila

    I responded by saying hello

    she paid for my drink and then said let's go

    She bought my drink, I thought that that was polite

    So I walked out with her, said "what's up for tonight"

    She just "just get in the car" so I obliged

    About 20 minutes later we pulled up in her garage

    She parked the car, gave me some sexy looks

    Started walkin in the house I said I'm with you toots

    Soft music and wine in the glasses

    and then she started to make little passes

    at me she said "sweetheart, today's your lucky day

    cuz when I'm finished with you, you're gonna yell O-Lay"

    She stood up so I stood up with her

    she puckered up so I started to kiss her

    she grabbed me close then when she got bold

    she started feeling up my back I said ooh your hands are cold

    we went into her bedroom thinking of one thing

    took the phone off the hook to avoid the annoying ring

    pulled down the shades, then we dimmed the lights

    then we took a tasty sip of Riuniti on Ice

    I chewed a stick of Doublemin to freshen my breath

    I gave her half of that stick, it was the last one left

    I carressed her bod and I kissed her cheek

    that's when I observed those Gucci bed sheets

    I felt that it was time for me to make my move

    I thought I'd better hurry up before I busted the groove

    I was kinda uptight and I knew she could sooth me

    I tapped her on the shoulder, said "ahem, excuse me"

    She touched my lips and asked me not to speak

    got undressed and pulled back those Gucci bedsheets

    sat down on the bed, laid back her pretty head

    kicked her feet up on the pillows and that's when she said that

    she wanted me to be her one and only

    she said "lay down baby doll, I'm getting lonely"

    all of a sudden, out of the blue

    a door slammed and a voice said baby where are you

    instinctively I panicked, my heart full of fear

    she said "that's my boyfriend, babe, you better get outta here"

    her boyfriend busted in, he grinned an evil grin

    and said boy I'm a tear your butt limb from limb

    I was scared as hell where I was supposed to go

    I just yelled geronimo and jumped out the window

    just my luck we were in a snow storm

    I didn't even have my underwear on to keep me warm

    and to top the night off I had to break in my place

    because my keys were on pants back on Sheila's book case

    I was done sneezing and coughing, A-CHOO!

    I hope this doesn't happen to often

    but nevertheless don't mean to bust your bubble

    but girls of the world ain't nothing but trouble

    so next time a girl gives you the play

    just remember my rhyme, just remember my rhyme

    take heed to my rhyme and get the hell away

    Will: Man girls ain't nothin but trouble man

    Jeff: I hear ya, i dig it, dig it

    Will: yea well, can't live with em can't live without em

    Jeff: better go take care of that eye, man

    Will: yea man, aight yall, stay cool man

    Jeff: chill, Prince

    Will: later Jeff

    So there you go, obviously doesn't fit in with the "clean cut" image Jive was going for with Prince & Jeff. He punches Elaine in the chin, hits her with a trash can, calls her a dumb broad, gets further along with Sheila, even gets her naked before her man comes home, and he didn't even have his underwear on to keep him warm when he jumps out the window!

    Regardless, it's still Highly Superior to that ****ed up "1988 extended remix" that Jive put out. "So I handed her my wallet and ran like hell???" FUUUUUCK THAT!!!

    and I hate the extra verse about "betty" that they added in that one.

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