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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RGxgWoefdI...feature=related

    check it out... from the next Dre album Detox...

    50 like WS Pursuit of Happyness...

    Have a nice week end...

    BTW check out this link


    (that's what we been throw in the last 8 {!!!} years)

    BTW 2 in my city there's a new cinema theater and in the front there's a big WS painting... you got to see it...


  2. it's not like that I'm sorry!

    they quoted him correctly, and then published what they understood from that quote!

    Will didn't say they miss quoted him, he said they didn't understand him. right?

    it's not like you telling a lie on me, it's like I right something and you don't understand me like I want you to say.

    I'm sure the JDL read the quote more then they read the head line.

    the disgusting thing was to mention Hitler in any way there is, this is disgusting, the JDL just offended and acted there own way, any other community was out on the streets starting fire every where and look for the blame to burn him.

    go in statement to the press is disgusting? it is very honorable I think. they will do the math and decide.

  3. in the premier in London Will interviewed for an Israely news paper about the last movie... it's long and with out new information most of it (at least not something the WS fan don't know)

    bla, bla, bla, Pressure, Politics, Bla, bla, NY, David Backham, Bla... president in the future...

    ooh in the last question the reporter asks Will : (in a strange way)

    Q : it's looks like you're getting away from the comedy's and look for parts far from your personality?, what with your music?

    A : "I'm looking for different parts, I succeeded with film that I can't go back to them.

    The MIB based on the time and age I've been in it, But if I won;t proceed the audience will reject the parts i'll choose.I now very interested on the connection between trauma and story. Akive (the director) and I working on a new black-comedy named "Hankok" that begins with traumatic way and evolve around the alcoholist super-hero.

    About the music, I'm not working on new material but in 2008 ill go on tour with my old material - Sorry, My Classic material."


  4. I went with my Girl Friend to the premier day (as I do every WS movie)... and she was late so we had to go to the next round an hour and a half later ( :thumbdown: ) I made an angry face all that time... and gave her a speech on how WS is important and all that since I was a small kid and in the last 10 years I saw every movie on his first day the first time it was shown.

    any way she held my hand all the time and she jumped from anything (since the trailers in the beginning) so I got scared and she got me scared even more when she jumped every time lol...

    the movie is so wonderful except of the beginning that the camera move all the time and it made me dizzy a lil bit.

    the end is so beautiful and surprising.

    I gonna see it again in Imax I think...

  5. Moreover, I expect an immediate apology from the Jewish Defense League for their recent comments. It's pathetic and disgusting that groups like these tend to jump at these sorts of stories without confirmation or a clear understanding of the comments that were made.

    You simply can't condemn somone and then say "oops." You can't call for their movie to be removed from movie theaters and then say "oops." I expect their apology to be no less public and lengthy than their repudiation.

    I think that the JDL still pretty mad at Will...

    and again... there are subjects that it's better not to touch them at all, Will made his mess and he should know that there are subjects that it's better not to stick there head to...

  6. well all the world read the full article and just you guys think the opposite.

    every one wrote the right quote and translated it the same way.

    and Marry Christmas to you guys!


    Look what the JDL can do to Will.

    "The Jewish Defense League is calling on Barack Obama to repudiate Smith's comments, and wants theaters to pull Smith's new flick "I Am Legend" from their screens. Smith told a Scottish paper that Hitler "didn't wake up going, 'Let me do the most evil thing I can do today.' ... I think he woke up the morning and using a twisted, backwards logic, he set out to do what he thought was 'good.'" What kind of meshuggeneh talk is that?!

    Smith's words, say the JDL, "spit on the memory of every person murdered by the Nazis. His disgusting words stick a knife in the backs of every veteran who fought (and sometimes died) to save the world from the intentions of Adolf Hitler." Smith's rep could not be reached for comment."


    and stop saying all the time that we say meshuggeneh (Crazy) and and thoughs words that we don't use anymore.


    they have the power to remove the movie from some theaters... that's not good.


    the full article in here :



    good news in the 2 new web sites :

    Hitler was a good man - http://glz.msn.co.il/NewsArticle.aspx?newsid=12210 - but in the article they are saying that Will responds to this article and said "tease things must go throw edit fist".

    Will Smith DO NOT support Hitler - http://www.mouse.co.il/CM.articles_item,392,209,18297,.aspx - they are saying that what he said went out of contacts.

  7. big blast on Will in the Internet on the biggest websites in Israel :

    Enemy of the state : http://www.nrg.co.il/online/5/ART1/675/025.html (look at the pic inside - terrible)

    quote "Hitler was a good man" - http://bidur.nana10.co.il/Article/?Article...595&sid=123

    Warning - Will Smith supports Hitler! - http://www.news-israel.net/Article.asp?code=8676

    Will Smith Thinks Hitler was a good person - http://www.ynet.co.il/articles/0,7340,L-3485878,00.html

    Every one haiting him and saying that it is just low publicity for the movie in Israel (yeah right I say). they are saying horrible stuff on him and alto I agree with some of thous stuff that hurt me.

    it is catching up like snow balls.

    this is just the beginning... I can't stop it anymore.

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