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  1. If, as you say, that when celebrities bring up politics it makes you cringe, doesn't the same hold true for you?
  2. This track leaked a while back too. I've been waiting for the first album, and a lot of Chucks tweets said it was coming out July 4th but I never saw anything show up. I've also got a nervouse feeling that the albums may not be available in Physical form, since i've seen no mention it will be. Which kills my collection. But still hyped for new music. These, the First serve album, and we should be getting new de la aswell. Shaping to be a good year.
  3. I'm really not seeing why I wasn't invited to this...
  4. When I heard the lil wayne track it just backed up my point on how dumb he seems to be. Does anyone in his circle listen to the song, press pause ans say 'hey wayne, are you aware you just said you are going to stick your head up Push T's ass?"... wow...
  5. Does anyone have the email adress of the reporter? I'd like to send him track 5. Anyway, as far as people calling Will homophobic, didn't he just come out in support of gay marriage?
  6. I posted a new article on my website about the connections people make to movies and how they may not even be about the movie. It's called Grown Ups Watching Grown Ups. http://thewrittenmontage.com/grown-ups-watching-grown-ups/
  7. Thanks for the input guys. As for the type of writing I'd like to do, I'd like to do fiction but want to make some money, so non-fiction articles are mostly what the blog will encompass.
  8. Well I'm still trying to figure it out but I created a site. With all the rejection letters I've been getting I've been doing my best to get my name out there. Right now it's just one post, which I've posted here about age and hip hop. If you guys have any input let me know. Or any pointers on how to improve the layout. http://thewrittenmontage.com/ I'm also on twitter now to if anyone cares. @Cisewskib
  9. Did you check out plug 1 and plug 2s new album first serve? very solid.
  10. One last touch on the subject. The way De La works together, the same way Run DMC and Jurassic 5 worked together. It's the back and forth word play that they perform with. The way it seems like they're in the same booth together recording the song. It's something "Super Groups" Like Slaughterhouse lack.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=581MWQgEW-4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4WTumeEk-k
  12. I've been considering it, though I would have to do more research. I'd have to see if I'd still be able to defer my current loans and what kind of financial aid I could get.
  13. Another bummer. This time I got rejected from Southern Illinois only after I emailed them to ask when I'd find out. So now I'm down to two, Bowling Green in Ohio and Fresno State.
  14. I know last time I brought up some material for this project it didn't get any love but I listened to it in its entirety and I had to bring it up again. This is what I call an actual PROJECT. This whole CD is a story. It follows the highs and lows of two friends who try to make it in the rap game. It's a straight up concept album which is very rare. I thought it was fantastic.
  15. Sadly when I read the title I read it as Will Smith. I got excited. I got confused. And then, Then I got depressed.
  16. Thanks a bunch! Seems really cool, I might have to sign up.
  17. Another Update: Unfortunately this is another negative update. Oregon decided I wasn't good enough for them. But thanks for all the support guys.
  18. Well this would be Graduate school, which comes after a normal four year college post high school. It kind of depends on the the school but they look all kinds of things. Mostly they look at the writing samples you send in, and your transcripts from college, letters of recommendation from your professors, your letter of intent and past publications. Unfortunately for me I'm at a disadvantage because I never intended to follow my dream in college so I never got published. They also look at your GRE scores which is like the SAT's bit for graduate schools. Whats got me worried is those two were my top pick and my safety school which doesn't bode well for the middle ones. It feels like a bit of a racket because the GRE costs $200 to take and $23 for every score you send. In the end each application totals somewhere around $100. Leaves you shaking your head because your out all this money for a generic letter saying the same thing, "this is the most talented pool of applications ever" yada yada yada "sorry we can't take you" yada yada yada "good luck" I've been tempted to get a black light and see if there is any hidden message on the back that says 'thanks for the money, send us some more next year."
  19. Update Number 2 No good news today, this time Northern Michigan University said no... So I'm pretty sure the state of Michigan isn't a huge fan of me.
  20. Thanks for the Support guys. I'll keep you posted. Hopefully I'll have better news next time.
  21. I watched a few videos about the subject back around the time MC Hammer baptised Jay-Z in his music video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MY835L2RYN4 Proff Griff of Public Enemy is a big believer in it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oi0YFvGKuII For me I just shrug. The people they generally point out as involved don't influence my life in any significant manner.
  22. Not that anyone particularly needs to know where I stand in my attempt to get into Grad school, but I figured i'd give ya'll an update anyway. Since the Fall when I decided to switch my path up and follow my passion for creating and writing and apply to MFA programs in Creative Writing, I've applied to six schools. So after six applications and a butt-load of money in application fees I've got my first rejection letter today. So I guess i'm officially not going to be a Michigan Wolverine. Which is okay I guess since I've been a lifelong Badger fan it may have been difficult to live with myself if i did go. Anyway that's the update. 1 down and 5 to go, fingers crossed.
  23. I really liked Soul Khan who has since hung it up. But that's OK since he's been putting out solid music since.
  24. I know the new De La music (at least 2/3 De La) didn't get much love last time I posted it but they've got a new video. What can I say, i'm interested in concept albums. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHmmYnw34hI&feature=plcp&context=C38f7a8bUDOEgsToPDskJ6MD3YbtIL67VuJDCg0Ki0 In case you missed it here is the concept behind the album: And here was the first song they released after the mixtape. http://soundcloud.co...s-plug-1-plug-2
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