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  1. While I can't really speak on the matter properly, since I have little background knowledge of the whole thing, but in regards to you're wondering if she left VH1 out of it, Viacom owns VH1 (along with numerous other channels I.e. Comedy Central) so ultimately VH1 is included by way of Viacom
  2. Well the solution to our musical drought is pretty simple, not sure why we haven't thought of it. Clearly we just need to write a "Script" about a bunch of die hard fans who come together from all over the world and "Kidnap" Jeff and Will, lock them in a studio for two and a half weeks, with cameras on them 24/7 (Documentary style). This way we get both a "Movie" and an album. And since every solid film needs a B Story we can have a camera crew follow the exploits of a Charlie Mack who comes out of retirement in search of JJFP. Clearly this is all a joke. (Really NSA... it's just a joke. I have no intention of being the b-boy in the PE logo.) And if Will and Jeff read this... It's a Joke, don't hurt me. But if you would like to use this idea for an actual movie, PM me. I'm sure we can work it all out. Peace!
  3. I've been counting down the days for this and was really happy with the outcome. With this, their upcoming Pete Rock & DJ Premier EP and then their album, and their giveaway of their back catalog I think they're going to dominate 2014.
  4. I didn't see it posted here, but on twitter yesterday Jeff posted this: "2014 I'm putting out a few albums...Gonna Be Special!!!" Hopefully there will be a Will track or two on these.
  5. I gotta say I'm a bit confused by his message. If you love someone, or something in this case, you don't give up on them. If you have a loved one who is addicted to heroin you do what you can to help them get clean, you don't walk away and let them succumb to the drug and die. So if Rap is the loved one, and the commercial rap or heartless rap that he feels isn't something he wants to associate with is the drug, then how can he walk away? If it's about the art then it shouldn't matter to him what the other "artists" are doing. Walking away isn't the cure, as the saying goes, If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. If he's walks away then he's not helping fix the problem. He is clearly frustrated. Hopefully he doesn't throw in the towel.
  6. My buddies got me to go to the movie and I will say Will was pretty funny. I'm waiting for a screen capture of his scene with the subtitle: Will Smith- Bringing the heat since 1985.
  7. I've got to say I'm pretty excited about this. http://allhiphop.com/2013/12/20/jurassic-5-rises-again-to-help-gratify-the-worlds-hip-hop-jones/
  8. I wonder what Will's reaction would be if he read this; his most die hard fans giving up hope. In reference to Will and his treadmill, after Lost and Found I think we were all on the treadmill until his next album, but I think a lot of us are passing out and falling off the treadmill.
  9. Being in the Midwest tours generally don't make an impact for me since the cost to get there is usually pretty high, so I personally would rather have an album since that lasts forever. As far as how optimistic, I'd say just about zero. I mean apart from that one quick bit he did on Jazzy's summertime mixtape, he can't seem to scrap up enough time to do a full new song on one of Jazzy's mixtapes. Not to mention he has a studio in his house. It's a bummer. In his music he told his fans he'd never stop, but he has and its unfortunate. He's in a different space now pushing his kids even in movies, I feel if we did get a new album, and that's a big if, it would be filled with songs with Jaden. I'm not against the kid, but I'd rather he release a solo album himself before he'd jump on a Jazzy Jeff Fresh Prince album. But as optimistic as Jeff is I'm not so much. I've been laughed off the block since I was in junior high arguing Will is a top rapper, but it's hard when he seems to gave up. We've got so many Legends who still releae amazing music, Chuck D, De La, LL. Hip-Hop is too young for people to say old guys can't rap, I picture Chuck D rapping until he's 100 years old. I mean to quote him when he was being inducted into the RRHF, "We all come from the damn blues," and BB King and Buddy Guy keep going and going. I mean even 3rd Bass reunited last month and are supposed to be releasing a new song on a mixtape coming up. In part I wrote this article back in the day in hopes that if he ever saw it he would agree he's not too old. I would post it here but the site seems to not be letting me do so, so whatever.
  10. That was really interesting, really cool. I love these types of interviews where it feels more like a conversation then anything.
  11. I think the most important question no one is thinking of is whether he is ever going to sample a Polka in one of his songs. Clearly that would be a game changer. :P
  12. This is a bit off topic but this post reminded me a bit of a question I had in regards to JJFP and their label-mates. A lot of times you hear at the end of tracks from some artist shout out those people that they've got a relationship with, but I don't recall that ever happening were people shouted out JJFP. Do you guys know of any?
  13. During my undergrad class on Peace and War we had to read a book called Being Peace by Thich Nhat Hanh. At first I rolled my eyes, because I wasn't really interested, but then I read it. It's a real quick read and very insightful, Hanh was once nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by MLK, though because MLK let it out of the bag he didn't get it. I guess that's a Nobel Peace Prize party foul. Anyway, judging by what you've posted and are trying to accomplish I think you might want to give it a try. It's not too pricey on Amazon, and if you've got a kindle, you can get it cheaper and try a sample before you get it. http://www.amazon.com/Being-Peace-Thich-Nhat-Hanh/dp/188837540X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1378756969&sr=8-1&keywords=being+peace+thich+nhat+hanh
  14. With the recent influx of Holograms in musical performances(Tupac, Eazy-E, and ODB) I was curious what everyone's thoughts are on this new trend?
  15. I love the whirlwind this has created, there's definitely going to be a shift coming. Jay-Z may have release his album to instant platinum status but this is the most excited I think hip-hops been in a long time. This should be fun to watch. Not to mention he's unleashed the fury of Kevin Hart
  16. I know I'm breaking protocol by bringing an old post up top but I noticed there were a few people looking to see the whole thing and I found it recently. http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/news/id.18779/title.heavy-d-documentary-be-inspired-the-life-of-heavy-d-full-stream-released
  17. I come daily but I've pretty much abandoned all hope for Will as an artist. But in regards to the article I do love how Jeff refers to his dealings with Will in the present tense as opposed to the past, like he still has hope.
  18. While I'm not a big fan of Kanye if it gets Will back to recording I'm ok with it. http://www.2dopeboyz.com/2013/02/11/kanye-west-will-smith-are-in-the-studio-somewhere-in-brazil-right-now-video/
  19. I don't know if you guy's have ever checked out Epic Rap battles of History on youtube, but they can be down right funny. Though The Clint Eastwood vs Bruce Lee had Eastwood with some low blow lines, but thats a rap battle and to be expected. Anyway, I just thought I'd share the new one they did with Santa Vs Moses, and some how they got Snoop to play Moses. It's pretty funny, and just in time for the holidays. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kRAKXFrYQ4&list=PLQ-7WiWmOuK-55mfcd_tdcvy-57VMCkOW&index=1 On a side note, I hope everyone has a great holiday season, whatever your religion, or lack there of.
  20. I think they missed one when Will does the Ludacris line.
  21. Kool Moe Dee and Grandmaster Cas going over - Otis http://www.rapstation.com/shows/1972/can-you-hear-me-now-hiphopgods-radio.html
  22. I really just wasn't feeling that song. The only rapper I've really liked that's used that sample was Yonas. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MthoZXOdz84
  23. First official video is up. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLnINZ-cANI
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