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  1. What's Goodie Folks?!?

    As you know, I drop in from time to time (Cookie watch ya mouF, lol!!)

    But incase you didn't know, I'm giving a Free download away for the entire 2009, each and every Wednesday. If you are indeed interested, Check out http://www.Youtube.com/KelSpencerWednesdays

    Also, I'm in the process of launching http://www.Youtube.com/KelSpencerInEurope for all of my supporters across the water.

    My In-Studio Reality Series "WHAT HAD HAPPENED WAS" is getting some pretty decent feedback as I'm about to take that to the next level...

    Also, here's what the most recent KS Report looks like ->Youtube Version<- OR ->Vimeo Version<-

    The KS Report comes with text, information, links, etc... along with the video you just watched so Reply with your e-mail address so that you can receive The KS Report twice a month.

    If you've already sent it to me, then don't worry, you already know what's up...

    Well, That's about it... Stay up and if you're suffering from allergies like me, I wish you the best, lol!!!


    KEL SPENCER'S "SALON STORIES" Hosted By MC Lyte Coming This Summer




    www.Myspace.com/KelSpencerFans (European Myspace)


  2. I'm gonna talk about a Rapper, and ya'll need to find out which one:

    He's probably one of the best Mc's out there.. But he's also one of the most slept on, even tho he delivered a lot of good albums since he came out about 15 years ago. He was a guest on a album everybody that calls himself a hip hop fan knwos about (most of ya'll even own it i'm sure).. infact, he was the only guest.

    now guess..

    Method Man? I'm guessing since you mentioned him being the "only guest" on BIG's Ready to Die album... No?

  3. Thank you all so much for your voting. Unfortunately, "Skyzoo" walked away with the hardware but he's one of my boys so it's all crew love. I thank you all so very much for showing your love, and I had the forum and the site ready to be mentioned in my acceptance speech, lol!!!

    I love your love for Real Hip Hop and I am humbled by your response to me asking for your help. Thanks to you all...


  4. Yup it's tr....

    Of course not, silly... lol!!!

    On a serious note, I want to formally apologize to you all for not being as involved in this site, this community, this forum as I should be. Cookie, Tim, Da Brakes, and a few others have shown me soooo much love and this is probably only my 10th time coming on here throughout the course of a couple years.

    Love is what makes the world go 'round, and you all have continued to show it. You show my music love. You've shown my emerging career love and it seems like you'll continue showing me love. But, as a man, I apologize for not returning that love. Tim, you've gone above and beyond in certain regards and I thank you for that personally...

    Ok, enough with the mushy stuff lol!!!

    I appreciate the fact that you appreciate me. And feel free to pull my card or send me a stiff e-kick in the pants if I'm slacking in any way, shape, or form.

    Cool, now let's get ready for Hancock!!!

    Peace & Love.

    -Kel Spencer, The Definition

  5. Yeah, and he's kinda cute too...

    Lol! No, seriously... I thank you all for the love. You guys have adopted me as one of your own and I truly am thankful and Blessed to be part of the JJFP community. All of the recognition and love is noticed and taken in and used as fuel to do what I do. Thank you...



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