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  1. For support and for the best. Getting the DVDs will guarantee you'll be getting what you want. Torrents, well, dunno you are getting the right ones.

    Dunno about anyone being desperate about getting the episodes. For me, I prefer to watch it on TV, since Nick@Nite shows them all the time.

  2. Yeah, in these days of phoney fans who just download music without buying the albums or the msuic, that forum is for legit fans who stick around which usually indicates that they own most of the albums 2 if they are that dedicated. Regular album music isn't really included in that forum anyway. Stick around and u'll be there in no time.

    They own most of the album? Wow, that sukcs for me. I only have... 2 album by Will himself but none of the duo. I can't find them here and my parents don't let me buy stuff on eBay no more.

  3. Yeh, but the so called person who edits that regularly has his thumb up his butt too much. Doesn't allow input from our part at all really. Which is stupid cos we are the most in the know people about Will on the net.

    Well, if someone wants to make it, why someone here try to make one themselves? I mean, I admit that I did some contributions to the site (Like I helped with the discography).

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