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  1. paper spinin cant read between the lines

    beat ya kbf up leave ya family victimized

    cut her mothers meat from her nipples to her thighs

    ya brother in shock she neva seen his sister cry..

    talkin all that smack now u actin like u shy

    neva been a killa but i meat let u die.


    n lyin in a grave u cant ask the question why

    neva own a gun but a knife serve me well

    u a snitch on ya block first one 2 tell

    me. I keep my mouth shut like a chick

    that dunt give brain

    cause messin wit Mizery da kid will only leave u walkin wit a cane

    wow wats wrong wit dis kid is insane?

    Try 2 compete wit me n I left to shame

    n the problem is I dunt even remember ya name.

    How u gunna be a prince wen we all now you a gurl?

    Im lookin past u who the next in line

    got me battling a chick that cant even ryhme

    ya ryhmes is fairytale like once apon a time

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