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  1. is there any version of the superman returns dvd yet that has the krypton footage that was cut ?? supes in the crystal ship etc??

    im not buying any disc until they do release it ... cause otherwise they will the day AFTER i purchase :3-laugh3:

  2. weed has to be the mildest of the big three..

    people claim it has worse potential for illness than alcohol but thats crap as alcohol while not being so tied to schizophrenia, makes people act like aggressive bastards!! starting fights. driving irratically, weed not so much, the possible damage is more on the smoker... cigarettes obviously cause all sorts of cancer for the smoker, problems for pregnancy and we are only now finding out about the damage to kids who live with smokers..

    legalise it if alcohol is legal!! its insane we can soak our brains in that depressant crap and weed is illegal.. i use none of these but its a major discrepancy!

    personality supplements the lot of em.. dont want none of dat!!

    OH and Wes, what the hell do you mean you "yielded" to a pedestrian and didnt come close to hitting him? if NOT hitting a pedestrian on a crosswalk is an achievement perhaps you need to drop that joint :D

  3. *moved to melbourne, my favourite city

    *started new line of work

    *got 7 year full time contract

    *met cool new people

    *dropped junk food and with it around 15 kgs (in two months)

    *saw stacks of cool shows in melbourne(comedy,music,movies) and enjoyed company of family and friends

    best year yet but 2007 will be better still, I can feel it!

  4. No.

    Melle Mel is the greatest rapper of all time. He made The Message, White Lines, Superrappin etc. He was the most important guy in the group Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five.

    Will has said that Mel was one of the rappers who had the most influence on him, but I dont think you can find a rapper from the eighties who doesnt say the same thing.

    I think its nice that he tries to go into wrestling. I hate the concept of it, think it sucks a lot and so but he gets to do something he likes to do and he can earn some money on it. Earcing money is a thing I believe isnt too easy for him nowadays, considering that his best years as a rapper definitly are long gone.

    WRONG , think of the five greatest rappers of all time , DYLAN DYLAN DYLAN DYLAN DYLAN :)

  5. Camr'on is prolly one of the realest guy sout there, not mather how much crap he talks sometimes, and Dame is the reason Jay-Z & Roc-A-Fella made it.

    what do you mean about Camron ?

    O'Reilly talks crap (widely accepted innit??) but at least stays on topic to some degree , Dame and Cam basically didnt answer any questions but diverted to BS "you need to have a parent conference , you need to have a parent teacher conference, your finished mr school man"

    the only decent role model out of the four of them was the principal who remained remarkably calm !

  6. cinema, half the fun is laughing with the crowd... the twisted logic of the movie is great... how the ganstas used "every other option" and had to resort to snakes.. and how people were more scared of the huge slow python that kills by constriction rather than hundreds of deadly cobras and rattlesnakes!!

  7. got a ds lite and within a month felt compelled 2 get brain age , new mario bros,mario kart and big brain academy, all great, i wish mario was high framerate 2d instead of them feeling the need to add 3d.... ahh well, paper mario is coming out 4 the cube, cell shaded 2d.. :)

  8. doesnt the ending appear as though its wrapping the series up ?? not that that means anything.. the wolverine spin off is dependent on the reaction to this one.. that would be one cool origin story assuming thats where they are going with it..

    OHH and anyone who is going to see it remember to stick around AFTER the credit as thats when they play the last 30 seconds of the film

  9. the first two were well directed movies but i thought badly casted .. cyclops and rogue too young , prof x and magneto too old , hugh is a great actor but didnt seem like wolverine to me and halle berry was like a cardboard cutout/ wooden plank version of storm but thats probably down to her lines.. i liked both movies a lot as scifi movies but not necessarily as good portrayals of the Xmen

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