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  1. Thanx and sorry for bringing this up again but I haven't been in here for a while and if you want

    answers then you must ask to get them,right? And I don't think we should close the thread what so bad with

    explaining things to people...have patience...The whole worlds in a rush, big ted just hush :smart:

  2. I listen a lot to music and so when i hear any artist say Big Will, Will Smith or anything like that I listen more and search fro lyrics on the net but when i can't find lyrics and canät make out the words in the song I become puzzled so if anyone could help me with the following...

    I don't know if you've heard the song it's a couple of months old... DMX-We in here in the song he says something bout Will but I can't make out what...does anyone know?

    Then there is songs like Start from Scratch with The game where i can't understand what he means...It's in the second or third verse i think and It goes like this:

    I would have told Big Will it rain every Tuesday and Thursday


    When pigeons in your coupe you gotta watch where your birds lay

    And In the Outkast song In due Time´big boi says:

    Fallin a victim to your greed boi

    You're lookin to be Big Willie, but you're still a seed boi

    could you help clear this out for me

  3. it means be active...

    contribute to topics. don't post stupid pointless stuff to get your post count up. just be a contributing member to the forums.

    To become an active member and download stuff from the forum you have to make 100 posts i think...Its ok if it takes a while so PLEASE DONT POST TO MUCH!!!! you can wait!

    I did the misstake to post to much nonsens (about 20 new post in a day) and that was what got me suspended for about 1 1/2 month I think.

    :lolsign: speak up my brotha...carry forward the message bout posting and posting to much stupidness

  4. I've got

    1) where the day takes u

    2) Six degrees of separation

    3) Independence day

    4) Men in Black

    5) Enemy of the state

    6) Wild Wild West

    7)The legend of bagger vance


    9)Men in Black 2

    10) Bad boys 2

    11) I,robot

    12) Sharktale

    13) Hitch

    and i got FPOBA season 1 and 2 + the Live 8 dvd+ Will Smith Video Collection

  5. If its not to much to ask, what are you suffering under?

    It's a sickness that only occurs in the northern part of Europe the doctors said it's called Skjörbjugg. I can still remember the pain, it was horrible. I felt like I was floating between our world and some sort of dreamworld. BUt now I'm healthy(almost) and I wish to forget the last couple of months. If anyone got any further questions just ask.

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