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  1. My first release from my O.P.B mixtape! It's called 'Ability' and it features Josephine (Hip Hop Loving, Never Leave Me).... Video to be released later tonight! Artwork for the mixtape is below:
  2. Here it is people! My first mixtape as a DJ! Here is the link to download! I'm very proud of it! Would love to know what you think. Something to bump for the summer. DJ Silky B - Feel Good Vibe...The Mixtape http://www.mediafire...ix41sbw7hef4nau You can also listen to it directly on Soundcloud... (beware that if you download from here, it will just be one big file with no multiple tracks!)

    Let me know what you all think! It's been a while coming!
  5. For those that haven't seen it! A bit of fun from me and my son!