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  1. Da Brakes


    www.allhiphop.com/index/news/id.3073/title.-b-will-smith-the-essence ------------------------------------------------------- Just when you thought Will Smith would fade away and stick with acting, the mega star is coming back with his fifth studio album. Smith exclusively announced to us that his new album will be titled ‘The Essence’ and will be marketed as a ‘Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince’ project. Smith has been secretly working on his comeback album in between films and will be releasing it through his Overbrook Company on June 25th 2012. The lead single ‘Feelin’ Fresh’ will be released to radio April 25th and goes back to Smiths roots as an emcee. Most people know Smith to rhyme about all things pop and never delve too far into the realm of real lyricism. But with this album Smith will depart from the mainstream image and opt for something a little more old school. When asked about the album Smith had this to say: “I’m really excited to be getting back on the mic in such a big way. I called up my man Jazzy and told him ‘I think I got one more in me…’. We spent 3 straight weeks in his studio just vibing and reminiscing on the good old days. Out of that session we managed to write and record 8 tracks for the album. I’ve never felt so good about an album before and believe I have something special to share with the world….especially the hip hop heads” When asked to comment on why he did not record the third instalment of the MIB theme song Smith said; “You know what… I did the first two tracks and they were great, but this time round I wanted to distance myself from it and not have it associated with my new album.” The album will also feature collaborations with Q-Tip, Mos Def and Queen Latifah.