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    Transformers 4

    Transformers 4 is set to premire in theaters June 29th 2014 and Michael Bay says that it will be his last film until further notice. Bay confirms that the 4th installment will be a serious sequel and not a reboot. For now lets take a look at a list on who the cast members will be Humans Johnny Whitworth (as the main human protagonist) Emmanuelle Chriqui (girlfriend of the main human protagonist) Tyrese Gibson to reprise his role as Robert Epps Ray Park Scarlett Johansson Jeremy Renner Christian Bale Anne Hathaway Timothy Olyphant Paula Patton Tom Hardy Joseph Gordon Levitt Bruce Willis Ben Kingsley Next up are the autobots and the people to voice them Peter Cullen to voice Optimus Prime Leonard Nimoy to voice Sentinel Prime Colleen O'Shaughnessey to voice Override Peter Renaday to voice Ultra Magnus Brian Bloom to voice Trailbreaker Chris Cox to voice Hound Bumblebee Sumalee Montano to voice Moonracer Robert Foxworth to voice Ratchet James Remar to voice Sideswipe Sunstreaker Bruce Greenwood to voice Springer Phil LaMarr to voice Windcharger James Avery to voice Silverbolt James Horan to voice Fireflight Slingshot Skydive Sky Shadow Michael Clarke Duncan to voice Omega Supreme and now for the Decepticons and for who should voice them Lance Henriksen to voice Skyquake (the main villain) Steve Blum to voice Blitzwing Robin Atkin Downes to voice Cyclonus *Kim Mai Guest to voice RatBat Miguel Ferrer to voice Scourge Brad Garrett to voice Octane John DiMaggio to voice Dirge Mark Rolston to voice Thrust Kevin Grevioux to voice Onslaught Swindle Rick D. Wasserman to voice Treadshot Nick Chinlund to voice Vortex Fred Tatasciore to voice Blast Off Trypticon Be sure to keep in touch for future updates