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    Men in Black 3

    can't wait to watch mib3 in 3d, going this weekend to local imax in belfast. the trailer looks amazing, here is my favourite poster. to be honest some of the story line in back to the future and terminator, other great franchise I love, left me scratching my head. No doubt I will leave the cinema with lots of questions but will be totally blown away by the visuals. What a strap line...back to the past to save the future. This was a decent review, I posted it to a site I do some work for: The plot — in fact, any plot involving time travel — is a potential nightmare. The movie opens with an escape from a maximum security prison on the moon (man, the things the government manages to keep secret from us). The escapee is a snaggletoothed, bear-like ET named Boris The Animal (Flight of the Conchords’ Jemaine Clement), who harbours a grudge towards Agent K (Jones) who’d captured him, and caused him to lose his arm, 40-plus years earlier. His plan: steal a time machine, travel back to July,1969, and kill the young agent K before he could do his job. Just thinking about paradoxes can give you a migraine. For starters, once K ceases to exist, how does K’s partner J (Will Smith) remember that he did exist when no one else does? There’s some technobabble reason given, but basically, it’s “just ’cause.” Jones’ part in MIB3 amounts to little more than a cameo, since the whole movie is geared to its central premise, transporting J back to ’69 to play fish-out-of-timestream, giving him a chance to meet “Andy Warhol” and threaten to “pimpslap the shiznit” out of him.