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  1. Nemesh added a post in a topic Kanye stays in Top 10 in Billboard charts...   

    Is 50Cent man enough to stand behind his words and retire?
  2. Nemesh added a post in a topic JAY-Z AMERICAN GANGSTER CONFERENCE CALL!   

    This new tracks aint getting no close to neither reasonable doubt nor blueprint,
    But jay's a rap legend and ill be expecting for his albums as long as he keep rapping.
  3. Nemesh added a post in a topic Nas' next album title   

    As some here said... I dont really care what is the album title aslong the tracks are dope.
    On the other hand, calling an album "Nigga" just doesn`t seems right unless there's a good reason.
    Unfortunately I dont think nas has one.
  4. Nemesh added a topic in Caught in the Middle   

    uppercut - my turn to record
    Hey dudes, my name is Ron and I am from Israel.
    I am 17 years old and I rap in hebrew.
    My group is named "uppercut" and this is one of our songs:
    it is named : my turn to record.

    I would really like to know what you think about this...
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