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  1. Hey does anybody know when the video for the song is supposed to debut! I can't wait. I still think this song is gonna blow up. I listen to the single version today for the first time in a while and ... man it's tight!
  2. mrpeterson

    Will at the NBA Finals

    I think that was a great performance! Should help premote the single even more!!!
  3. mrpeterson

    July's Vibe

    I recently recieved the July issue of Vibe Magazine. In the back where they have the 20 questions, question 19 says " On his lates album, doesn't Will Smith rap just like Eminem?" What do you guys think of this comment. I'm not seeing the similarity.
  4. mrpeterson

    Source Review

    Just saw the latest edition of the source magazine. They gave will 3 mics(=Above Average; 5 mics is the best). Anyway over all the review seemed pretty kind.
  5. mrpeterson

    5th graders listen to Will

    Hey everybody... I'm a fifth grade teacher and today as my class was going outside one of my students mentioned that they liked that Will Smith's song "Switch." She said that her and her mom listen to it all the time in their car... This was kinda of encouraging considering usually I hear kids saying they like 50 Cent.. or songs like "Girl Fight."