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  1. 'Summertime' written by Rakim...

    Yeah, but if there was really some truth behind it, don't you think the rumor would have come out earlier and not nearly 20 years later. I mean Summertime is hip hop's official summer anthem and classic! True but we're talking about a relativity unknown rapper from Chicago. Juice was semi-known on the internet in the early 00's due to his Wake Up Show battles but it's not like Nelly went ahead and made these claims. He didn't say he wrote the song he said he freestyled in the studio and some of the lines were used. I do NOT believe it; however I wish somebody credible and honest would confirm.
  2. 'Summertime' written by Rakim...

    You guys are super defensive about this. I realize this is a Will Smith fan site and it would make sense you guys defend him. I'm by no means saying the rumor is true but I'm not talking about Rakim writing Summertime. I I'm talking about a legendary battle rapper who has gone on record in saying he helped write the track. Rakim never went on record anywhere. This I'm talking about is a claim that was actually made. BallerStatus.com: Have you done ghost-writing for any artists? Juice: When I first moved back to Chicago from L.A., I began working with Clubhouse Entertainment. I was part of a writing team that produced "Summertime" by Will Smith, "The Kissing Game" by High Five, "Pass the Toilet Paper" by OutHere Brothers. I would freestyle in the booth and if there were any hot lines to be used, they would use 'em. I didn't really understand publishing at the time and didn't really care because those cats kind of took me in. We got sued by Kool and the Gang for the sample and nobody made money. It let me know that I had what it took to be a writer though. I am still working with the producer of "Summertime" (K Fingers aka AZZA). Everyone in Chicago knows he's still my guy. We just wrote and produced an album for a new artist, and I'm re-writing "Summertime" for him (He's a shorty, so we think it could work again). We'll see.
  3. 'Summertime' written by Rakim...

    Could have to do with you being young and a foreigner. I don't know.
  4. 'Summertime' written by Rakim...

    Because ghost witting is a VERY VERY common thing within hip-hop. Just ask Jeff's hypeman (Skillz).
  5. 'Summertime' written by Rakim...

    I searched Google for the answer to this because so many people have tried to tell me it was Rakim. My boy Magneto who pretty much knows everything about everything swears its MC Juice aka J.U.I.C.E. from Chicago. The dude who was one of the best battle rapper in the mid-late 90'.s Think Wake Up Show, Molemen, Vakill, Chino XL and Supernatural. Anyways I refuse to believe it because I don't think Juice is a good song writer but I also agree that Jeff is kinda holding back because he has nothing to gain by releasing unnecessary info that might make Will look bad. Peep and if ANYONE gets a confirmation from Jeff please let me know. Email me or whatever. Jeff's old house number in 90's used to be 471-DOPE. I don't know why I just posted that but I thought it was funny. Don't try calling the number as it hasn't been his in like 15 years. As a kid I used to call and just studder before hanging up. http://www.philaflava.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=112584