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    Nightmare on My Street

    oh i will believe but .... i think i remember a (how you call a voice deep or high?) and that version which i mean has not the voice of smith the voice was deeper like the speaker in thriller of jackson (hope my explanation is more precisely) or was i an other "killer mix" of jeff&smith :dunno:
  2. waggi67

    Nightmare on My Street

    realy?! :dunno: sorry but you say "you are not sure" ... and i´m sure that it is NOT the Version which is released between perhaps 2000 and 2002. That song if i´m right also called "Nightmare on Elm Street" and not "Nighmare on MY Street". But anyway quite every song which will be shown by "a kind of napster- maschine" is that one you are right. but it there must be 100% an other. :thanks:
  3. waggi67

    Nightmare on My Street

    i hope there will be other nice people which will answere here, but here in germany i´ll have to go to bed now it´s 01.00 am. it will be fine if you can help me to find..... good night waggi67
  4. waggi67

    Nightmare on My Street

    thank you fpr the early answer but i don´t think that the song has an direct connection to the movie except the name. i think that the soundtrack for the Freddy movies i mostly played by "classical" music instruments. But the music by smith&jazzy jeff is made modern style. i remembered 12" vinyl with a bloody scatch on the cover.... but unfortunately that´s just all...... thx again.....
  5. hello... so ....how can i say?! i´m looking for someone who can help me to find an "original". For first i´m sorry that i don´t payed enough attention to the english lessons in school, but perhaps you´ll understand.... I search desperately :bang: who sang the original "Nightmare on My Street" hit which had a release perhaps between 1986 -1996. Can anybody help me????? PLEASE thank you very much waggi67 (swiss alien in germany)