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  1. First, Will said that someone took his words out of context during an interview saying that he wanted to be the next President of the United States. He said that it was just a misunderstanding, that he only said he could be the President if he wanted to, but that it wasn't the case because he wasn't interested in politics. And now this.. I think he's a bit confused about his future. It's obvious he wants to make an impact in the world, but, honestly, I can't see him as the President.

    With his movies & music he makes many people happy, but probably he wants more. I just don't think politics is the answer for him. But hey, who could have thought some years ago that Schwarzenegger would become Governor of California? :laugh:

    And Jada also said that if Will wanted to be president he'd have to divorce her first. They must be bored of money and fame and don't know what to do whith their lifes.

    I want him to make movies and music!!!!

    I don't understand why people who has nothing to do with politics want to be the president of a country!!

  2. No he needs hair, he just looks strange without it. He grew it back, why is it gone again.

    He grew it back 'coz he was presenting the Nobel concert but I guess he doesn't want to dye his hair every 2 weeks lol So while he's not working he shaves it.

    He doesn't look that bad.

  3. i've read somewhere that the Hancock similitaries are because she can't be with the person she loves or something like that, like in Hancock, but I don't like it much either.

    I'm dissapointed with the 2 first singles of this cd too. Hope it gets better with the album and sales 'cause I wanna see her in concert again.