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  1. Will and Jada: More Babies in the Future?

    Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith have some nice Father's Day plans, but do they also include adding to their family unit?

    "I want to take him away on a golfing trip just the two of us," Jada told "Extra" at the premiere of "The Karate Kid," starring their 12-year-old son, Jaden. "There won't be any kids involved. I don't know if that's really a way to spend Fathers Day..."

    "Well, we might come back with one!," Will chimed in. Jada immediately nixed that idea. "No more Smith children! We are DONE! Shop closed!" she laughe

    I've always thought they could have at least one more kid :laugh:

  2. BTW, what's Willow filming? :laugh:

    Ooohhh.. she's filming for her new music video called 'Rockstar'! So now we'll have to follow Willow's music career too! God.. :laugh:


    She must be a huge fan of Rihanna. Same hair, a single with the same name... I have nothing against the kids but I want to see their dad work!!!

    And I think Jaden is the one who will have a succesfull career. Willow...I don' know...

  3. Ive had a horrible thought, what if this song doesnt even make the cut for the album. Remember when Will worked with loads of people for Lost and Found and some never saw the light of day. I wanna hear this song! There is still the positive of Will recording again which might make him want to make a new album. But i dont wanna be all negative here, but nothing may come of this if that song doesnt make the album.

    I thought that too. Let's hope we're wrong.

  4. Well lets hope he finally tells us whats on his mind next!

    I think we all hope he finally tells us whats on his mind next!lol

    Sheree wrote on FB that she was at the Opra Show on friday with the whole family, maybe it's the same program.

    and Will's T-shirt is great!