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  1. I'm sharing it because i have some will smith bars that only some real jjfp heads will get! i hope you enjoy, the references are in the second verse
  2. Duncecap

    Human Error

    Hey guys, so i've been gone for a while and said I had a new project, here it is! Warning, I would call it NSFW or parental advisory. I do keep the cursing to a general minimum, but they are in there. Also, sometimes the content is aggressive or sexual in nature but not always! Figured I would let you know! Here it is, a groove, slightly transformed! https://duncecap.bandcamp.com/album/human-error or
  3. Duncecap

    Mike aka WILLISILL aka Concept aka...

    @bigted hey man! it will all be fine, even if the worst happens. As long as you personally, are strong - that's all the matters. If you are looking for help you will find it, if you are looking for fear you will find it. That's something I have learned in life. There's a lot of stress in everything and you seem to have the short end of the stick at a glance - but if you look, there's more to life than holding a stick. That might not help at all. But it felt right to say. Regardless, talking about tragedy... how did you fare during Sandy?? I know you are from seaside. The shore house my family had since before I was born got totaled.
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    Mike aka WILLISILL aka Concept aka...

    @KevTastic yeah they really have. It's crazy. Last time I was here I was such a different person. It was almost a decade. I was just so entirely a different person in terms of maturity and such. It's very strange to just think about it. I have been in serious relationships (at the time I was here I was still pining after my first girlfriend making really cheesy songs about finding a good girl, etc), gotten drunk, had sex, smoked... there's just a lot of trivial and honestly adolescent things I just never had gone through. I went on a roller coaster. Like i'm the same guy but just .... wiser? That doesn't feel right haha @Hero1 That's wild to see you guys here. Are things pretty active or not so much? I see you from time to time on Playstation online, or is that not you? haha If anyone wants to catch me there too I'm Jersey_Chowder. I wanna see who is rhyming on here still!
  5. Duncecap aka my real name is still Mike. Hey EVERYBODY! It's crazy to come back. I recently (right now) came here on a whim and clicked a recent post - it was crazy to see how many names in the thread I knew or recognized right off the bat. It really made me reflect on how important this forum was in my life as a teenager (i was posting ages 15-19. I'm 26 now). There was a lot more conversation and friendships other than ones based purely on being a fan of Will Smith and I only remember that now coming back. You all are my friends and I missed you! That being said, I'd like to catch up! I have new music (I never stopped) and I also went to college and graduated in 2012 for film and a minor in music (that's crazy all that happened since I was here last). I'm currently living in NYC with my girlfriend of 4 years (my longest relationship) doing video work and working on music. I can't say that I don't get help from my parents though. So much has changed in music, pop culture, politics and everything in between, and stuff that I normally wouldn't have paid attention to at the age I was when posting. Technology, trends and socio-political movement and consciousness'... Phew! Hi haha.