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  1. That's the plan Kev, probably won't want to leave!
  2. Be sometime after 12 Kev........
  3. I'm dj'ing in Preston that night hence the location of hotel.......you are all welcome...... not quite Jeff standard but who is??
  4. 26 days and counting......
  5. Magnificent 3

    Great news.....I better make some room!
  6. Premier Inn-Preston Central.....long story!
  7. Dancing?......I better up my dose of cod liver oil!
  8. Hey Kev, I have a Gold Circle ticket and will actually be staying in Preston....I have a gig on the evening so it worked out perfect! Think I need to get the wife a ticket as all of a sudden she wants in! lol
  9. Worst case scenario I'll swap with you Magnificent!
  10. Good stuff....congrats Kev!
  11. As long as I hear "Summertime" I will be more than happy!
  12. You will get in @the magnificent !!
  13. I bought a general admission then got the golden circle......I have a spare ticket!
  14. Blackpool it is then!!