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    Francis Lawrence eyes Will Smith pic

    The movie got the right director (Shawn Levy from the Night At A Museum franchise) And got the right writer (Audrey Wells from Under The Tuscan Sun), so I think nothing could go wrong...
  2. Abdul1997

    Francis Lawrence eyes Will Smith pic

    http://www.vulture.com/2013/11/will-smith-full-steam-ahead-in-city-that-sailed.html?mid=imdb This movie looks definitely interresting...
  3. (Let me introduce myself first, my name is Abdul Osman, nice to meet you all ) Your right about him having a "perfectionist attitude", but the thing about Will is, he sometimes wants to do rap and then all of a sudden he becomes interrested in a film project. I personally think he won't make a new album, but he might record a new song.